Walking the Dog (2017) – Dog's Play Cupid to Adversary Owners

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The 2017 Countdown to Valentine’s Day campaign continues with this past premiere that is sure to melt many a heart.

Small town living with a small town career is the package deal Kristie Simmons (Jennifer Finnigan) thrives on. Her latest case has her entire attention, and involves putting in a bike path for the cyclists. 

Things look better when she meets a handsome stranger while they’re out walking their (cupid!) dogs. Only trouble is, the new city attorney turns out to be the man she met while out walking Gidget. Keith Amos (Sam Page) is, according to Kristie, arrogant and a man who can’t possibly understand this way of life.

But with an in court battle fueling their professional relationship, what will this mean for a life outside the courtroom?

It would take a lot for me to write a review of a Hallmark that was less than happy. Sure, as we all do, I have my favorites for various reasons, and some aren’t for production quality or story, but overall, this network is hard to not like. The same “rule” applies to this new film.

The story is sure to give romantic comedy aficionados Laws of Attraction vibes. If it does, it’s totally a fitting comparison, though like each scripts too, this one puts its own spin on the basics. For example, dog lovers who appreciate a good romantic comedy will love this. Gidget and Simon play an important role in the story to say nothing of the fact that the little rascals are quite the sneaky little cupids!

Though unimportant to the story's structure, I did notice that in any character “downtime,” we spend this with Kristie (i.e., her personal life) or with Kristie and Keith. In other words, we don't know much about Keith beyond what we see of them together. (Also, I just realized, this coupling is K+K. Aww...!)

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Those of you who liked Sam Page’s All Things Valentine leading man are sure to like Keith’s. Kristie mistakes him for someone he’s not, but the fun of their “fighting words” banter makes their relationship all the more entertaining. Everything about Walking the Dog made me laugh, and happy. The HEA may be implied (and all but promised) from the meet cute, but the getting there is still a great deal of fun. Fun that, should you take my advice, shouldn’t be ignored.

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