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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Happy Thursday, everyone. Today I'm combining my latest Booktube content with my blog content by spotlighting the Book Emoji Tag. 

Though I wasn't tagged with this (it's normal to tag oneself, right), when I randomly ran across this, it simply looked like too much fun to skip out on. Plus, as an emoji user (I mean, really who doesn't like the little emojis?? How happy, bright and cute are they??), I take any and all chances there are to use them. From what I've found it, there are actually two emoji tags. One asks a series of questions, the other simply requests the participator to pick the last five emojis (or those they use most often) from their social media posts, share how they're used, and pair a book with that emotion. I went with the latter option. 

Today's tag creator is Jellafy, so go give her video a look. (I'm 99% sure of this! I had to go hunt down the original video post filming mine, and after a few rabbit trails, this is who I found. If I'm in error, please let me know.)

Let's talk about emojis. 

Do you use them? I do! They're such fun. In fact, sometimes I overuse them. (Or is there such a thing??) They "dress up" our social media presence in a fun, fabulous and sassy way. Especially considering we are otherwise restricted to plain old black text. 

Let’s find out why.

To start out with we’re limited in Twitter to 140 characters. I mean, how are we supposed to say ALL THE THINGS on such a tight limit?

Did you review a book that made you smile, but don’t know how to convey that with words? Well, then there are sunny smiley faces to help.

Did the latest book you read make you ship a couple, hard? Well, look at all the hearts – in multiple colors, no less – and smiling face with heart eyes!

Yes, there’s no end to the awesomeness that is emojis!

Let’s have a look at the emojis I used for this video!


Crown | Heart | Rose | Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes | Smiling Face with Heart Shaped Eyes 

To hear me ramble how and why I'm using these, you can find out more in the video

What about you? What emojis do you use most? Which ones do you wish would be invented?

Obviously pairing one book per emoji wasn't easy, and in one case I cheated and used two books, but it was still fun to be able to chat all things books via a new "format." (I.E., using emojis to talk about a love of books.)

Unblemished | Red Queen | On the Fence & The Distance Between Us 

That brings my random Booktube Book Emoji Tag talk to a close! I tagged a few people on Booktube, so you can discover who on Finding Wonderland's booktube channel. 

Thanks for visiting Finding Wonderland.


  1. I love emojis!! I think they're really helpful for saying what tone the tweet/message is in, right?!? Like I might say something sarcastic and then I put the laugh/cry emoji on so people know I'm kidding. hehe. HELPFUL.😂 <-- there I go!

    1. Oops! It ate some of my comment for some reason. I'M EMBARRASSED. I meant to type: Like I might say something sarcastic and then I put the laugh/cry emoji on so people know I'm kidding. hehe. HELPFUL. And I basically use that one all the time because it's so fun to use! 😂 <-- there I go! It's the best. ;D

    2. Emojis are the best, Cait - and I agree! They really help the tone of a tweet. It's hard, sometimes to know what someone means (i.e., because of tone/expressions, etc.) when your not face-to-face. LOL, I tend to be sarcastic too. Not sure WHERE I get it from though as I don't feel like my parent's are overly this way. ;)

      Glad you stopped by - and your emoji IS the best. :)

  2. I just did this! It was so much fun, THANKS for tagging me!

    1. YAY! CANNOT wait to read your post, Bekah. Looking forward to it.


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