Good Witch: 3 001, ‘A Budding Romance’ (2017) – New Faces and Tests, plus Romance in the Air!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Tonight (Sunday, April 30th) an all-new season of romance, enchantment and family bonds begins in the all-new season of Good Witch.

Middleton life for our beloved characters is much the same, and yet, somehow, everything is changing. Cassie Nightingale (Catherine Bell) is exploring the possibility of finally moving on in the aftermath of her husband’s tragic death. This means, she’s finally ready to explore a relationship with Dr. Sam Radford (James Denton). 

But their budding romance comes under scrutiny (not only by the pressures of small town living – where everyone knows everything!), but also by their children. Grace (Bailee Madison) is having trouble accepting a new man in her mother’s life; and also struggling with the possibility that her best friend (and Sam’s son), Nick (Rhys Matthew Bond) may have feelings for her.

Greater complications arise when Cassie, and her cousin, Abigail (Sarah Power) realize something is “off.” The women in their family have always had a special gift. These days, it feels like its slipping away. Is it related to the impending blooming of a rare flower or is something more sinister at work?

As is always the story with any of Hallmark’s original series (Chesapeake Shores, and of course, the much loved, When Calls the Heart), Good Witch is another exemplary reason this network is loved. While this and ‘Shores’ are my favorite because of their stories and characters, there hasn’t been one of their weekly series I haven’t enjoyed (which includes the cancelled Cedar Cove).

Among the main characters, and the heart-of-the-show relationship that is Cassie and her (wise beyond her years) daughter, Grace, the comfort of familiar faces is present. We catch up with Stephanie, George, Derek and of course, the obnoxious albeit lovable Mayor Tinsdale. Cassie’s (step) son, Brandon and his wife Tara also appear to have an interesting arc coming to a head this season as well. Of course, Cassie, Grace and Abigail seem to have a larger issue threatening them in the loss of their respective abilities, but it’s the more personal complexities of their characters (and romances!) that will keep me returning week after week.

If there is one thing that most endears Good Witch (aside from its characters), there's a warm and welcoming persona it invites. Not only is the setting inviting, the “sense” it absorbs is wonderful and of course, the scripts make us connect with and to the characters.

In case I didn’t say it, or my review doesn’t convey this, I loved the third season premiere of this show. It’s enchanting, and gives us much to swoon over. All this to say nothing of this season setting up to be an unusually romantic season that, while perhaps preparing for “ups and downs,” will, no doubt, end quite happily for everyone. An unspoken promise that should make this season well worth the investment of time. It’s a little dose of magic on which to end our weekend. ♥

Photos: Hallmark Channel / Crown Media Press

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