The Perfect Catch (2017) - Hallmark's 'Perfect' RomCom Hits Home Run

Monday, April 24, 2017

Another Spring Fling campaign came to its close this past weekend. If it had to end (all good things must come to an end, right?), it went out in a most memorable way. This new Hallmark original is an infectious piece of sunshine sure to leave us with a smile.

Single mother Jessica Parker (Nikki DeLoach) is happy. It’s been two years since she and her husband split (and he left them), and though she worries about the impact it has on her son, Wesley, they’re doing all right. She’s trying to build a better life by keeping the diner that her grandfather built running. What she didn’t factor into her plans was the return of her ex, Chase Taynor (Andrew Walker).

Chase left their small Midwest home town for bigger dreams. Namely that of a MLB all-star career. Living this dream in Boston, Chase comes home after he single-handedly lost a World Series game, not to mention the hope his arm will heal. With his agent looking for a new contract, Chase hopes a visit to his hometown will be a place to hide out. Little does he realize, coming home will force him to confront his past in the face of his past: Jessica.

Hallmark films are always a ray of sunshine. Sure, as we do with everything (books or fashion or ways to organize), we each have favorites, but the one thing they have in common is their optimism. This original follows in those footsteps and is, for me at least, among the best Hallmark and its branding has produced.

The Perfect Catch is quite ‘perfect.’ From the seasonal fodder of baseball as its revolving theme to the actors, and easy-going rapport between them, it’s not difficult to get wrapped up in the lives of these characters. Of course, Andrew Walker is familiar to those of us who binge watch Hallmark. He’s been in romantic-comedies (Love on Ice, Bridal Wave) and Christmas originals (A Bride for Christmas). Nikki too has appeared on Hallmark, and the young actor playing Wesley, Chance does a fantastic job.

In the last six months, Hallmark’s programming has made great strides towards being the “best of the best” in terms of production. They already endear themselves with their storytelling corner, but now they’ve made a distinct mark in filmmaking, earning impressive scores with their latest offerings. One of the ways they accomplish this is with their scripts. They have pulled back on the typical romance tropes (an ex who returns to wreck the party; a knock-out break up ten minutes prior to the end) and instead focus on the dynamics of the characters. The emotions and real situations they’re put in are more memorable because of this.

No matter the reason for anything, I loved this film. It’s cute and sweet and everything an “old fashioned” romantic-comedy should be. I adore that it’s exactly what the viewer “needs” when enjoying a Saturday night in, and yet so much more than what we expect it to be.

In other words, it hits itself a home run far (far!) out of the park.

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Photos: Hallmark Channel / Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Kailey Schwerman


  1. This was an awesome movie! Love Andrew Walker!

    1. Me too, Carole. He's one of my favorite Hallmark leading man. :)

  2. I'll be watching The Perfect Catch over and over! I enjoy Hallmark's Spring Fling movies.

    1. As will I, Caryl - or I will if it comes to DVD. Because I watch these so often, I always pick up my favorites on DVD. Provided the come to DVD. :D


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