Tulips in Spring (2016) – Bright and Cheery Hallmark Romantic Drama Finds Home

Monday, May 15, 2017

Though each one is a little bit different, one thing that we cannot accuse Hallmark of is lack of consistency. Through their many years on air, they’ve blossomed into a network so many of us love and furthermore, trust.

Making the right impression in her pitch is something Rose Newall (Fiona Gubelmann) cannot take for granted. She’s made preparations for this for weeks, hoping her boss will hand her the interior design of a high-end client. Rose lands the job, but not without stiff rules meted out by her perfectionist boss. Everything changes when a call from her mother sends Rose back home.

Home is a tulip farm located in Washington that’s been in her family for generations. Though she hasn’t been back since leaving for LA, nor spoken to her father since she left for college, the call of “home” is never far from Rose’s heart. As she helps run the tulip farm in preparation for their busiest season, sparks fly between her and her father’s financial advisor, Tom (Lucas Bryant) – a profession her father once distrusted. Along with Rose, everyone slowly finds their familiar rhythm again until sabotage threatens the family’s livelihood.

As is always true of Hallmark films, this one is adorable. (Yes, I will continue to say this because it’s a simple and truthful fact.) ‘Tulips’ aired as part of Hallmark’s 2016 “Spring Fling,” and it’s probably the most perfect “fit” for the campaign that I’ve seen. This is aided by the fields upon fields of beautiful tulips! Though we might not ordinarily notice the landscape the characters are inserted in, I loved how beautiful this one is. The bright colors and outdoor settings add textures, life and informs on its geography.

Of course, there is plenty other attributes, like its sweet romance. I loved Tom and Rose together. They have a sassy chemistry and banter that seems “easy” and natural. I also loved seeing two unfamiliar faces in the lead roles. As fun as it is to spot returning faces, sometimes a fresh-faced cast gives a story a new perspective which is what Tulips in Spring boasts. (You will recognize Bryant from Hallmark’s Summer Love.)

Be on the lookout for re-airings of this one on Hallmark Channel. It’s a springtime film sure to brighten anyone’s day. Plus, its signature, the “voice” all of this network’s originals has, storytelling and themes of family and “home” influence this script. Simply put, this is one flick worth a Saturday night in.⚘

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  1. AnonymousMay 15, 2017

    I haven't seen this film, but it sounds wonderful.

    1. It is! So cute and cheery, as all of Hallmark's are. :)

  2. I really enjoyed this movie last year, but haven't seen it this Spring. Do you know why Hallmark hasn't aired it this Spring?

    1. Bummer! I'm sorry you missed it this spring, Mary. It actually was on 2-3 weeks ago because that's when I caught it. Keeping my fingers crossed it re-airs again. It's sure a cute one! :)


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