All for Love (2017) – Honors the Military with Romantic Fireworks

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

When it comes to honoring those who selflessly serve our country and us, I say, there is never enough recognition to go around. For at least the second time in as many years, Hallmark Channel has produced a film that honors the men and women who defend us. They do so with class and of course, plenty of cute romantics.

Despite bad publicity for her last book, romance novelist Jo Parker (Sara Rue) is hard at work on her new book. This one has a bit more pressure attached in the aftermath of her last novel which received harsh criticism for its rudimentary research. Her publisher (Teryl Rothery) is determined not to let the same fate befall her new novel. This latest tome features a Navy SEAL in the hero role, a sphere Jo is certainly not versed in. With the sting of the last book hanging over them, as one of the publishing house’s most popular authors, this book is going to require Jo to take an applied approach to the research.

Enter Colin Shaw (Steve Bacic). A retired Navy SEAL, Colin runs a boot camp for recruits and much to her chagrin Jo’s name is added to his list of boot camp recruits....

“Cute” doesn’t aptly sum up this TV film, and yet that’s exactly what All for Love is and then some. The fast pace it travels doesn’t allow for a great deal of time to develop everyone as individuals let alone the romance, but since the time frame isn’t certain, I realize this may also be a timeline that’s more prolonged than I’d guess.

Though may family didn't discuss the military much as I grew up (likely this is because I don’t come from a military family), I have the utmost respect and appreciation for the military, what they do (protect us and the homefront) and the sacrifices they make. It’s because of them that my right to continue do what I love most or have the political views I do exists. This is why when I see a film that is respectful of the armed forces I confess I develop a soft spot for said story.  

On Hallmark, there are two plus this new original that stick out as being among just that kind of story. The first is Meet My Mom, and then this past Christmas, Operation Christmas. Added to those is All for Love. While its military theme isn’t as (emotionally) bittersweet, it’s a ribbon that runs through the backdrop and works really well for this story. It serves to “balance” against the romance.

Speaking of the romance, its 110% adorable (I mean, guys, look at the photos!?). The banter between these characters is hilarious (I laughed through the entire film, and loved every minute of it) and the actors have a nice, easy-going chemistry. It’s fun to see Steve in a romance film rather than as a supporting character in the Garage Sale Mystery series. Meanwhile, Sara's character adds the perfect slice of sass. 

This may be a film that stands alone (without the advantage of being a part of an annual Hallmark campaign), but it shouldn’t be lost in the shuffle. Some of the same clichés crop up in the race to the conclusion, but the story and its characters are too busy charming the viewer that all is forgiven. As most romances are, the end is swoony and perfectly lovely. The couple has good rapport, which makes us root for them without second guessing their affection, and provides the assurance that these two have earned the anticipated happily ever after.

If you missed this one, be sure to find its next air date and set those DVRs. Though I do have many, All for Love is among the favorites from Hallmark. It’s witty with plenty of sass, and completes its mission. 

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Photos: Hallmark Channel


  1. I thought this one was super cute! I've been a fan of Sara's for a long time--like clear back to the sitcom "Less than Perfect." She's always the perfect combo of quirky and relatable.

    1. I agree, Becky! This one is super cute. I've not seen Sara in much (I think I also saw her in an ABC Family - now Freeform, movie maybe??!), but she's great in this one! Loved her quirky nature. And of course, I'm a sucker for the military theme. :)


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