#Booktube Talk | A Tale of Three Bookshelves (Bookshelf Story plus #Booktube Video)

Thursday, June 1, 2017

This story has been a long time coming.

Earlier this summer (let’s be clear, this is back in 2016!) I referenced buying a third bookshelf. (This was totally necessary because – perish the thought – I’m not going to stop collecting books in spite of overflowing bookshelves.) The idea of buying a third bookshelf is no big deal, right? Well, that’s what I thought too. I mean I don’t buy anything special and so long as it was set to match my older two, I’m a simple girl easily happy with said bookshelves.

Well, I went to the store, went about my business shopping and then checked to see if they had a bookshelf in stock. They did. Bonus was that it was a.) less expensive than I’d paid for my other sets and b.) there was only one left. Sure the box was damaged but I didn’t care; I went into the store planning to walk out with my third set of shelves. That’s what I did.

After fighting with the damaged box and dragging it up two flights of stairs (no one has to know they were short sets of steps), I got them where they needed to be. Time went by and finally I began the lengthy process of removing all of the books from the two shelves so that I could move them and (ideally) line up the three shelves on another wall. Added to this was the task of moving perfectly good furniture out of the room for the sole purpose of this new shelf. (All book nerds remove furniture to make room for shelves, right?!) This is when my reorganization process hit a snag.

As I prepared to move my original shelf (which had been snugly in the corner), I discovered it was, literally, falling apart.

Following some mental bemoaning, I set about trying to sure it up only to quickly realize that plan would never work. Needless to say my elation of being up one shelf (and rightly concluding I’d have all the shelf space needed for a while) quickly deflated.

This leads us to all of the reasons for today’s post and booktube video.

Once I got all the books unloaded onto the floor, I decided why not make a booktube video of the reorganization and have some fun with it? Delays aside (delays that involved an entire year and multiple refilms - which brings us to the here and now), I finally got around to filming this and after about five (*scoff* more like ten) editing sessions, the video and story are now ready for the Book Blogging community. Or as ready as they’ll ever be.

Now, in our current year (which is 2017!), I did get my third bookshelf, which fits nicely on my bookshelf wall, and I’m crazy happy about it. Happily, the reorganization turned out (proof in video), and best news of all? I still have shelf space.

The end of this story hour can be concluded with one question, who wants to go on a book shopping spree??

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