Call the Midwife, Series Six (2016) - BBC's Smart, Romantic and Emotional Drama Returns!

Friday, June 23, 2017

It's safe to say when I watched the pilot of the British series, Call the Midwife, I never expected to let it work itself into my heart so fully. And yet, with quiet confidence, that is exactly what they've done. 

TV SHOW REVIEW | Call the Midwife, Series Five (2015)

Aside from the wonderful character relationships, story arcs, and emotional output these actors put into them, the writing is also brilliant. Heidi Thomas, who is no stranger to BBC productions, is a talent beyond words. She has a deep appreciation for these characters and their stories. This is something I admire and respect about the way she tells these stories. 

Season six takes us on an unforgettable journey. From deep emotional (and literal) scars and challenges for each character (Phyllis being one of them) to a happier ending that is sure to make the romantic in us swoon, there is never a dull moment. I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention Trixie as a favorite character/story. Her story arc this season is beautiful and precious, and awww... I love it still as I think back. Barbara also gets a nice story. 

Basically series six is a memorable binge-worthy experience. Fans will love these new additions. 

PBS (US) recently concluded airing the sixth season of BBC’s popular drama Call the Midwife. Before the first hour goes by, we catch up with the characters who’ve worked their way into our hearts for five years.

Christmas time arrives and departs peacefully for the residents of Nonnatus House. In the aftermath of the holiday season, Sister Julienne (Jenny Agutter) announces a mission their order supports is in need of medical supplies and staff. To help fill this gap, a party of Nonnatus staff heads off to Africa. Read the review in its entirety on Silver Petticoat →

Content note: though never explicit, Call the Midwife does deal with adult situations and topics, including but not limited to abuse, homosexuality, serious medical issues, an accident involving a young boy, and mental health challenges. The show is rated TV14 or TVPG depending on the episode.

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