Destination Wedding (2017) – Alexa Vega Returns to Hallmark RomCom about Second Chances

Monday, June 12, 2017

Hallmark began its June Weddings month with a wonderful romantic-comedy that features child star Alex PenaVega. She plays the “type A” planner personality, Ellie Hamilton. In the wake of her sister, Mandy’s romantic engagement, Ellie throws herself into what she does best: she sets about making all the plans and arrangements, and perfecting the details. 

Prone to mothering her baby sister (Andrea Brooks), Ellie plans the perfect wedding. The kind of wedding she always dreamed of having. With increasing wedding tensions, the family makes ready to leave for the big day and its destination event. Only a duo of hiccups changes everything.

First Mandy and Jason (Andrew Dunbar) miss their flight because they’re fighting. Then, once Ellie and the wedding party (minus a bride and groom) arrive to the Mexican paradise, she runs into her ex, Greg (Jeremy Guilbaut). Greg is not only a wedding attendee but he’s Best Man to Ellie’s Maid of Honor. Ellie and Greg are forced to work together as Ellie tries to convince her guests the Bride and Groom are still on their way… and furthermore, Ellie has to figure out her conflicted heart.

Anything I said about Alexa’s romcom from last year’s June Weddings (Ms. Matched) can be said about this one. She plays a similar character as she did in Libby, and is still entertaining to watch. That said, I did feel like there was a marked change or maybe growth to her acting in this new role, which I enjoyed seeing.

Alexa and Jeremy have a good rapport together, and I appreciated that they were able to convey a message with their acting. An emphasis centers on the romance and pretty escapism (the scenery, which I’ll mention later one), but as these scripts are prone to do, there is more to the story than mere romantic sparks. (This one is written by Nina Weinman, who is known for her emotional teleplays, such as Operation Christmas or the witty – and well scripted, Pumpkin Pie Wars.) Of course, it’s not just Ellie and Greg who are memorable. Fans will love the When Calls the Heart connection that sees Andrea Brooks and of course, Jeremy (Greg) as co-stars of this fun flick.

One of the best things about this film (apart from everything *smile*) is the setting. I absolutely love that a. its script takes a serious look at the foundation of good relationships (and its import), b. it begins in a metropolitan city and c. moves to an exotic beach setting. These are the kinds of things that help set apart these sweet romances. These are the things that make something standout from the sea of its peers. The script is especially good and lets the characters eventual choices feel organic and “right.”

Those looking for a fun, witty and fabulous romance should be sure to spend an adventure  with these characters. Become a guest of this destination wedding, sink your toes into the sand, and let go of your cares. Even if only for 90 minutes, it’s sure to delight!

Photos: Hallmark


  1. I wasn't crazy about last year's Ms. Matched, but I liked this one much better! I agree that her acting skills have matured. Also, I knew Greg and Mandy were familiar faces but didn't recognize them from When Calls the Heart! Thanks for pointing that out.

    1. I enjoyed Ms. Matched because it reminded me of The Wedding Planner (which I rewatch quite a bit). The one thing I didn't love was Libby being a bit... what's a word... "giddy," perhaps? But overall, I loved both this and Alexa's Ms. Matched. Glad you enjoyed this one, too, Brittaney! :)


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