Month in Review | June 2017 + #Booktube Talk

Friday, June 30, 2017

July is hours away. With it arrives Independence Day and in all likelihood, humid summer temperatures. 

Another month’s close means another “month in review” here on Finding Wonderland. Let’s take a look.

»Favorites from June 2017«

1. (New) Blogger Friends and Community | In the last couple of months, I've met some new bloggers in this awesome community. It's been such a fun thing to meet new people in this vast and fabulous blogger thing we're all a part of. One of the things I love most is the fact that despite our differing thoughts on some of the books we've both read or even those on our TBRs, we are still able to enjoy great conversation and have commonalities simply for our appreciation of books. Two of these bloggers who I've been chatting with are Alicia of A Kernel of Nonsense and Lindsey of Lindsey Reads.

I'd also like to give a shout out and welcome to all of the new readers and followers on Finding Wonderland. If you're a new blogger or a blogger - or simply a lovely reader, please introduce yourself. I'd love to visit your blogs. 

2. Camera | I'm still having way too much fun with my new camera. Evidence of which can be found on my rapidly near-to-full SD card.

3. INSPYs | The 2017 INSPYs awards are done. Wow. It was another amazing year full of great books, fabulous authors (who kindly gave their time in our author interview series leading up to the June 28th winner's announcement), enthusiastic judges and readers (without whom, this program wouldn't work) and my amazing Advisory Board Members! Shout out to Kara, Jamie, Lydia and Rel. *hugs*

4. Jane of Austin Read-A-Long | Courtney, Kara and I enjoyed a read-a-long of Hillary Manton Lodge's novel, Jane of Austin. As usual, it was tons of fun and I enjoyed the experience of buddy reading a book - especially from an author we all appreciate. I fully intended to have my review posted by now, but alas, I haven't gotten to that yet. It'll be up next week. Want to see our fangirl gushing for this one? Use hashtag #JofARAL

4. Summer 2017 Comment Challenge: July Partners | I joined this fun event hosted by Alicia (mentioned above) and Lonna. The reason behind my joining this - aside from it sounding fun, was as I discuss above the chance to meet some new bloggers. I'm looking forward to visiting blogger partner's website. *waves* Hi, Lauren

» Bookstagram Challenge «

Tressa and I are again hosting a #WishfulWonder Bookstagram challenge. The fun began on July 1st! All the details can be found in our introduction post. Here's our first three prompts:

>> 1. July TBR
>> 2. Book with 'J' in the Title
>> 3. Stars and Stripes!

 »Favorite Blog Posts«
 (Blog posts that, while not necessarily the most popular, were fun to write)

1. Cover Candy, Second Edition | 2017's Works of Art | Because who doesn't love swooning over a pretty cover?? 

2. Destination Wedding (2017) – Alexa Vega Returns to Hallmark RomCom about Second Chances | Who doesn't love a fun Hallmark romantic-comedy? I know I do!

3. The Evaporation of Sofi Snow – Sci-Fi Gaming YA Novel Launches New Series | Great start to Mary Weber's all-new series! 

4. Wonder Woman (2017) – DC Comics Tells Iconic Character's Origin Story | Finally saw this record-breaking flick, and while I don't share the same thought as the masses, I loved this film.

» Monthly Popular Posts | June 2017 «

»Popular Posts the Week of June 23 - June 30 «

2. Giveaway | Kasie West Novel ( - July 10!)

»Finding Wonderland on Booktube | June 2017 «
(Click graphics to see videos)


»Books Read | June 2017 «


Unraveling by Sara Ella
With you Always by Jody Hedlund
Lucky in Love by Kasie West

»Around the Interwebs«

Silver Petticoat: I've been allowing myself a "lighter" schedule over on Silver Petticoat while I get through other commitments, but I still hang out there and love it. Here’s a recap look at what I contributed to the amazing webzine, Silver Petticoat.

Articles and Lists | Only yesterday, I previewed what's coming to the box office with our Summer Box Office preview; I also spotlighted a romantic moment (so fun to return to this feature after taking a breather form it) between Tom and Barbara (Call the Midwife).

Film and TV Reviews | This month was a slim review month (here too), which I hope to remedy in the coming months. But that said, what I did review were for dramas of the best caliber (aka, brilliant British productions), those are... the sixth season (and possibly its BEST yet) of Call the Midwife and the underrated drama, This Beautiful Fantastic (which stars Lady Sybil, Jessica Brown Findlay). Also on my review calendar this past month was Carrie Pilby, a sweet Indie drama and the YA adaptation of Everything, Everything

TV Recaps | None. Breaking from recaps for now. 

As always, thanks to the editors of Silver Petticoat and my fellow contributors! Working with you all is always fun.
That’s an end to the month here at #FindingWonderlandBlog. What was your bookish, blogging or life like this past month? Did you discover any new (and amazing) authors or reads? How about new bloggers? Or must-try new finds? Comment down below with your thoughts! As always, I’d love to chat with you.

Thank you for visiting Finding Wonderland


  1. Your Jane of Austin read a long sounded like fun! And darn, I missed the cut off for the Summer 2017 Comment Challenge, but I'm going to keep an eye on it for August. :)

    1. Hope you do, Rachel! It's going to be super fun, and I was even paired with a blogger who I've already met and chatted with. So it's going to be fun to visit her blog through the month of July. :)

      Our Jane of Austin read-along was super fun! We usually share about our RAL's on Twitter, so feel free to join us if you spy our next one.

      Thanks for visiting.

  2. Sounds like June was a wonderful month for you! Glad you made some new blogger friends---that's the best part of blogging!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. Isn't it? This community is so fun! And it's been lovely to chat with you as well, Nicole. Thanks so much for following along here. You're welcome to visit anytime. :)

  3. Hi Rissi! It's going to be a good month!

    1. It sure is, Lauren. Bring on July...! :)


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