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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Wow. We are here. We’ve reached the six month mark in the “new year” 2017. Though this post is last (I know!), I still wanted to post my monthly recap.

Another month’s close means another “month in review” here on Finding Wonderland. Let’s take a look.

»Favorites from May 2017«

1. Armchair Book Expo | Since I still haven't made it to the actual BEA event, I again joined the fabulous fun of Armchair Book Expo (the from-home virtual version). Search the 'Armchair BEA 2017' tag to check out the fun or find lots of the posts in my "popular" posts down below!

2. Camera | After weeks of "agonizing" over what to get, and searching for deals, I finally got a camera! While it's still in the early stages in terms of learning all the ins and outs, and how to work all the darn settings, I'm crazy excited to have a decent DSLR. 

3. Dancing with the Stars | Retired Cubs player (and all-around good guy) David Ross along with partner Lindsay Arnold (love her as a DWTS pro) came in second in the latest DWTS season. While I'd have loved to see him win, and enjoyed that it was America who supported him (he is the "heart" of what that show should be), it was great to see football player Rashad Jennings (another great contestant!) and his partner Emma win (glad to see a pro who hasn't won take the trophy). 

4. INSPYs | We're currently posting our author interviews! Make sure to come by and meet all the shortlist authors. 

5. Summer Blockbusters | The summer season of blockbusters is in full swing. There are two out I still want to see (‘Pirates’ and Wonder Woman), but the one summer flick (albeit not a blockbuster) I did see – Everything, Everything, I really enjoyed. What have you seen and loved?

» Bookstagram Challenge «

Tressa and I are hosting another #WishfulWonder Bookstagram challenge. The fun began on June 1st! All the details can be found in our introduction post.

 »Favorite Blog Posts«
 (Blog posts that, while not necessarily the most popular, were fun to write)

1. The Art of Us (2017) - Hallmark Re-imagines 'My Fair Lady' | Based on the novel by Teri Wilson, this one is a great modern re-imagining of My Fair Lady. I loved its unique approach. 

2. Book Discussion | The Love Triangle Effect  | Because I really want to post more "discussion" articles. Have any ideas??

4. My Summer Prince (2016) – Contemporary Fairytale in the Sweet Summeritme | An oldie Hallmark film that's super cuuute! 

» Monthly Popular Posts | May 2017 «

»Popular Posts the Week of May 30 - June 6 «

»Finding Wonderland on Booktube | May 2017 «
(Click graphics to see videos)

»Books Read | May 2017 «


With you Always by Jody Hedlund
The Evaporation of Sofi Snow by Mary Weber
Lucky in Love by Kasie West

»Around the Interwebs«

Silver Petticoat: I've been allowing myself a "lighter" schedule over on Silver Petticoat while I get through other commitments, but I still hang out there and love it. Here’s a recap look at what I contributed to the amazing webzine, Silver Petticoat.

Articles and Lists | I preview Hallmark's June Weddings (who's excited about "Lee and Rosemary" co-starring in a new romcom??); and, in anticipation of 'Dead Me Tell No Tales, I reminisce over the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

Film and TV Reviews | I review the controversial TV re-make of Dirty Dancing; Hallmark produced a contemporary version of My Fair Lady with The Art of Us and I also revisited a June Wedding premiere from last year, Ms. Matched (with Alexa PenaVega) - think The Wedding Planner (with Jennifer Lopez); ITV's short-lived The Halcyon is my latest period drama discovery, so naturally I review it; and I also discovered the cute Indie film, The Outcasts

TV Recaps | None. Breaking from recaps for now. 

As always, thanks to the editors of Silver Petticoat and my fellow contributors! Working with you all is always fun.
That’s an end to the month here at #FindingWonderlandBlog. What was your bookish, blogging or life like this past month? Did you discover any new (and amazing) authors or reads? How about new bloggers? Or must-try new finds? Comment down below with your thoughts! As always, I’d love to chat with you.

Thank you for visiting Finding Wonderland


  1. I so much enjoyed Armchair Book Expo this year. It helps with the sting of not being able to attend BEA. I'm sure your new camera will prove to be the start of an exciting endeavor. I envy those with photography skills. I've been eyeing What to Say Next lately. I really enjoyed her novel Tell Me Three Things. Hope it was a good one. Hope you have a fabulous June!

    1. I agree! I've been wanting to attend a BEA event for a couple of years now, but it simply isn't practical now. Someday I'll get there. :)

      I envy those with photography skills too, Alicia! There are SO many beautiful accounts out there. Lots of great, creative people with an eye for that kind of thing. And I admire them. :)

      Glad to know Julie's Tell Me Three Things is a good read. I'll have to look into that one as well.

      Same to you; Happy June! :)

  2. WHOA! Rewind. Hallmark has a new movie inspired by My Fair Lady? How could I have missed this epic moment?! Gotta go find out when it repeats again...

    1. It's SO cute, Tarissa! Hope you can catch it and you enjoy its sweet romcom. I really liked the unique way it respun the story. :)


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