If there’s anything better than a sweet romance, it’s a cozy mystery to puzzle through. In Site Unseen, we meet the intrepid Emma Fielding (Courtney Thorne-Smith). A professor of archaeology, Emma’s scope of expertise goes beyond her field of education. Following in the footsteps of her father’s legacy, Emma is ready to finish the work he never could. This means she’s back at her stepmother’s home with a group of her students digging up a 17th century coastal Maine settlement.

The integrity of her dig and the lives of her students are put at risk when a dead body is discovered on the site. This attracts the curiosity of her childhood friend, Will (Benjamin Ayres), and the attention of the local sheriff and FBI agent Tim Conner (James Tupper). As the investigation progresses, much to everyone’s dismay, Emma begins to investigate the mystery on her own. But in her search for the truth, those she loves most are put in danger!

Hallmark's Movies and Mysteries branding is becoming synonymous with the cozy mystery genre. Their source material often originates from novels and as such, their characters are usually well fleshed out and realized. This film is no different, although I would like to know so much more about these characters. (Likely, the writers want us to come back since the likelihood of us seeing them on our screens again is high.) Written by author Dana Cameron (whose novels I have not read), Emma’s debut as part of Hallmark’s mystery series is a solid start.

The cast is great together – When Calls the Heart fans, keep an eye out! You’ll spy Gowen aka Martin Cummings in a prominent role. I enjoyed Courtney’s character and the characterizations of the people she meets or reconnects with along the way. Adding some lighthearted humor is the cute story between two of Emma’s students. For those who aren’t fond of the romance angle in the mystery series, this one places a damper on that with little to no romantic entanglements and instead keeps a laser on solving the whodunit!

Joining Hallmark’s female-heavy led mystery series (Hailey Dean, Aurora Teagarden, and so many more), don’t miss Emma Fielding’s debut as part of this mystery club. Since my favorite (or one of them) mystery series is the Gourmet Detective series (because Castle vibes anyone??), I’d also like to leave you and Hallmark with the following suggestion for future mysteries. The Drew Farthering mysteries, because who doesn’t want to travel to 1920s England with Drew Farthering and Co??

Don’t miss the premiere of ‘Site Unseen’ tonight on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries!

Photos: Hallmark