My Favorite Wedding (2017) – A Witty Wedding Story of ‘Errors’ Romantic Comedy

Monday, July 17, 2017

As I have been with each of the “June Weddings” titles, I am again late in reviewing this TV premiere. That said, it’s Hallmark, and knowing how much I love their originals, I couldn’t resist. In other words, given I’m a fan of romantic-comedies and the network, posting a review was a given.

Dr. Tess Harper (Maggie Lawson) relies on an organized life. With a rising career, which includes a bid for a fellowship that will bring her closer to her hometown, and a “perfect” boyfriend (despite the fact that he’s dragging his feet over a potential move), she’s got a dream life. When her boyfriend cancels as her date to her best friend’s wedding, Tess goes on alone. Once there, she’s paired with Michael (Paul Greene), an opinionated divorce lawyer whose cynical opinions of marriage are in opposition to Tess’.

Needless to say, the best man and maid of honor hope to see each other as little as possible.

Unfortunately for these two opposites, the bride has other ideas.

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Though every one of the romances I’ve seen on this channel are cute (with personal favorites in the mix), this one is especially sweet. What helps it along is the crisp, witty back-and-forth banter between its leads. Paul Greene is a fan favorite, so to the surprise of no one, he plays another fun, easy to love leading man. However, Maggie Lawson is likely less familiar though anyone who enjoyed Psych will remember her as the enthusiastic detective on the USA show.

Like each of their productions, My Favorite Wedding is another charmer. It’s got the right elements to make it shine. The cute matchmaking schemes and “errors” that result in tossing Tess and Michael together are irresistible in the style of popular romantic-comedies, without the trouble of needless content. Cute dialogue with lots of fun sequences transpire as we learn more about these two and get to the “heart” of what makes them tick.

Paul and Maggie (perhaps the best leading lady I’d seen Paul with) are fabulous together. The wardrobe is all about unique, standout pieces, and I enjoyed the wide open spaces of the film's setting. Beyond this, there’s not much to say. What I can say is, ‘Wedding’ is another winning story. It’s easy to enjoy, both because of its production qualities and its characters, which earns this yet another recommendation from this girl, and a resounding bravo to Hallmark Channel. ♥

Photos: Hallmark Channel / Crown Media Press 

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