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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

For no particular reason, today seems like a good day to celebrate and have a giveaway. 

Although when it comes to books is a reason needed to have a giveaway? 

Featuring in these shenanigans, there are a few books for readers to chose from. Some of which I've read, and those I haven't, I've every reason to believe are amazing reads. (Because trusted fellow bloggers and friends write convincing reviews and endorsements.) 

Though I do have a list (below) you can choose from, when contacting the winner there may (or may not) be one or two extra to pick from. I'll confess, though I had this planned to publish this week, I didn't get the organizing work done I should have, so it's coming together last minute. 

List (Your Choice - Kindle)

- Homstands by Sally Bradley 
- The Last Summer by Brandy Bruce 
- Written in the Stars by Christina Coryell (Review)
- A New Shade of Summer by Nicole Deese (September 12)
- Engaged in Trouble by Jenny B. Jones
- The Whys Have It by Amy Matayo (Review)

(If you've never entered a giveaway on Finding Wonderland, read on below for the rules.)
And now let's get the rule details out of the way. (If you're a giveaway pro around here, just skip to the good part: the widget!)

The giveaway(s) is open to ALL readersThe prize will be a KINDLE copy, unless otherwise noted (US readers might have a paperback option when applicable). I do ask that anyone who leaves a comment under "anonymous," please leave the same name you enter into the widget in your comment - it's not easy to try and match comments when there is no name and in fairness to everyone else, I want to be able to be sure everyone who used the Rafflecopter correctly has a fair chance at winning against those who abuse it - there have been a few people I could not verify. So please, I don't mean to overwhelm, but just keep this in mind when entering future giveaways. I'd sure appreciate it! Winner(s) will have 48 hours to respond to the email notification (you'll be contacted at the email address in the Rafflecopter form) before another winner is randomly chosen.

To be entered in the giveaway, just enter as much or as little as you like into the Rafflecopter widget, which you'll find down below. The giveaway ends August 31. Happy Rafflecopter-ing!

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  1. Hello :)
    Firstly, I would like to thank you for organizing such an amazing giveaway :)
    I'm currently reading A Million Worlds With You. A very exciting yet intense I would say :)

    Fatina |

    1. Hi, Fatina! Thanks so much for joining the giveaway fun. Hopefully in the not too distant future, I'll have another giveaway (that's a little better organized). I'll confess, this one was put together in a rush. :)

      Hope you enjoyed your current read; exciting is always good.

      Thanks for joining the fun.

  2. I love giveaways and I'm looking forward to reading a couple of these. I've already read the books you listed by Amy Matayo, Jenny B Jones and Sally Bradley and they are fabulous!

    1. I've heard Sally's is amazing, Brittaney! Alas, it's the only (that you mention) that I've NOT read. Looking forward to discovering it though. Thanks so much for joining the fun. :)

  3. I just finished Lori Benton's fantastic book, The Wood's Edge and have now started the sequel, A Flight of Arrows. Whew! What a writer.

    1. So glad you're enjoying Lori's books, Sylvia. Those kinds of reads are THE best. :)

      Thanks for visiting - and joining the fun.

  4. I am currently reading (and loving) A Name Unknown by Roseanna M. White! It's been slow going due to my crazy life but I have been trying to fit in bits whenever I can!
    I'd probably choose Jenny B. Jones's book! She is amazing!

    1. Ooo, I've heard amazing things about Roseanna's new book Abbi. At some point I'm SO going to pick up a copy of that one. :)

      I hear you. Busy seems to be a perpetual state. For some reason, the summer time always seems busier. Why, I don't know. ;)

      Happy reading - and thanks for joining the fun!

  5. I would pick Engaged in Trouble by Jenny B. Jones! I've only read a couple books by her but they were great. I'm looking forward to reading Nicole Deese's new book too! I'm on her street team so there will be a lot of promo for it on my social media ;)

    1. I cannot wait to read Jenny's latest book, Heidi. I have it, I just haven't made the time to read it. But given that I adore her last YA novel (and her oldies with TNZFiction), I've ZERO doubt I'll love this one.

      (And me too! OHMYGOSH. Nicole's book is gold. Enjoy every minute!)

      Thanks for joining the fun.

  6. Any day is a good day for a bookish giveaway!

    The only one out of these I've heard of is the one by Jenny B. Jones, but I've heard lots of good things about what she's written! The others also look interesting too!

    1. Right?? Like any excuse is REALLY needed. :)

      Jenny's books are always comic gold. Hope you enjoy if you read any of hers. :)

      Thanks for joining the fun, Hanne.

  7. Just-read: Count Me In by Mikal Dawn. Fun and adventurous with heart!
    Currently reading: Many Sparrows by Lori Benton. Riveting and immersive (pre-Revolution frontier & Shawnee tribes). Loving it so far!

    1. I saw your tweets on that one, Courtney! That's another one I've been looking at for a looong time. Guess I'd do well to add that one to my immediate TBR. :)

      Happy reading! Hope you continue to like Lori's. :)

      Thanks for joining the fun.


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