Dirty Dancing (1987) - 30 Years Later, Timeless Story Lives On

Monday, August 21, 2017

Today is a memorable day for many different reasons. In fact, it's even a day for the history books thanks to a certain event. On a much smaller scale, today also marks the anniversary of the iconic 1987 film Dirty Dancing

Recently ABC produced a re-boot of the familiar story (with its own perception of the tale). The masses hated this production. I did not. Following that premiere, I picked up a copy of Dirty Dancing (1987) and re-watched the iconic adaptation. 

To be honest, I see the reasons why this story is iconic. I respect those who adore this story. I even think it's a lovely, sweet little story. That said, I recognize the cracks that slip through the sense of nostalgia the film evokes. (Of course, comparisons/contrasts in light of ABC's adaptation are inevitable.)

The story takes a basic two-story outline approach. It begins as a classic girl-meets-boy tale, before then morphing into a story of a girl coming of age through the freedom she discovers while dancing (and romancing her instructor). In celebration of its anniversary, I'm sharing a snippet of my review, which was published on Silver Petticoat last week. 

Dirty Dancing (1987) – 30th Anniversary of A Timeless Love Story

Some stories have the staying power to remain relevant years after their debut. Thirty years later Dirty Dancing has this kind of sway. All thanks to the story, the chemistry between the actors, and even the soundtrack. It’s a story about a girl finding herself coupled with a love story many viewers find iconic. In the aftermath of the TV re-imagining, I revisited the classic tale, and while I walked away glad to have seen it again, I also recognize obvious albeit loveable cracks in its classic boy-meets-girl tale. Continue Reading on Silver Petticoat →

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  1. Patrick Swayze!! 😢😢 I still get sad whenever I think about him or a movie that he was in. I don't get into the whole celebrity thing, but he genuinely seemed like a good guy. I didn't see the reboot version of this movie, and I'm kinda glad. Hollywood needs to leave all my childhood faves alone. Are they totally out of ideas that they have to keep ripping off the 80's and 90's with mediocre versions???? Ugh. Anyway, it's cool that you liked the 2017 version, I just get annoyed at all the copies.

    And "nobody puts Baby in a corner"-- words to live by :)

    1. They do like to remake all the oldies, don't they, Michelle?? Sometimes I wonder where all the creative (new) scripts have gone. ;)

      I'm so glad you like this one! I do too. Having seen the newbie one (and I get that it's not at all popular :D), I do wish this one had given more time to some of its lesser albeit still important characters. That said, I think this is a lovely, romantic film that I really enjoy watching now and again. :)

      Did you ever see the "sequel," 'Havana Nights'? It's quite fun with new characters to root for.

      True that!


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