Eat, Play, Love (2017) – Reunited Sweethearts and Man’s Best Friend

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Small towns, sweethearts and furry friends are the primary components of this TV romance. Its story introduces us to Carly Monroe (Jen Lilley), a vet who has only just returned to her hometown. With plans to, hopefully, take over her grandfather’s veterinarian clinic, Carly is a wonderstruck when she reconnects with her high school sweetheart, Dan Landis (Jason Cermak)... the guy she never really forgot.

Seeing Dan again floods Carly with memories. As she works with him at the shelter he runs with his sister, Carly wonders if they are “meant to be” (so much so she lets her friend talk her into some matchmaking scheming). Her dream crashes when she learns Dan is dating the high school “mean girl,” and furthermore that he and Kristi have long-term future plans that don’t involve this corner of the world.

So many of Hallmark’s recent efforts feature more than just a primary love story. Like those before it (Love at First Bark, Unleashing Mr. Darcy, Love at the Shore, etc.), Eat, Play, Love puts “man’s best friend” in a place of prominent importance. The antics of the animals is sure to make you smile, especially those of Beasley (who you’ll recognize as Gidget, the same cute-faced dog from The Art of Us).

If there’s one thing Hallmark likes to do, it’s spring surprises on us. Originally, Hallmark had four new originals lined up for their summer time programming. They managed to add a fifth one with this premiere. As with everything I’ve seen on this channel, this script is another sweet addition that fits into Hallmark’s signature style and “voice.” The set up does seem a little flustered (with little ease or introduction to the characters) without the usual “smooth edges.” That said, the story is still darling, fun and perfectly adorbs.

You'll enjoy seeing Jen Lilley (of A Dash of Love and the upcoming Harvest Love plus countless other TV romantic-comedies) and Jason, who's played many a supporting role on Hallmark. Plus, TV legends Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner co-star.

Those looking for more of the four-legged co-stars in Hallmark’s franchise will love Eat, Play, Love. Because of minor (nitpick) issues, it’s not my most favorite, but I did enjoy it. The story is a nice one (with some differences especially in it being Dan who plans to leave) and I adore Carley’s endearing “geeky” traits. (#RelateMuch) Fans of this channel, cute dogs and sweet romance stories will discover another sweetheart of a story in this charming little flick.

Photos: Hallmark Channel 


  1. I just want to see this because Lee Majors! He plays one of my favorite TV characters ever, Heath on The Big Valley.

    1. I completely forgot he was in that one, Rachel. I watched some of that via DVD sets, but since the rest hadn't released, I've not finished the series. Hope you enjoy! :)

      (He plays a completely lovable character.)


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