Garage Sale Mystery: A Case of Murder (2017) – Explosive Final Fourth Mystery in Popular Hallmark Series

Sunday, August 27, 2017

August was all about mystery on Hallmark’s ‘Movies and Mysteries’ channel. The four block series (for now, hopefully not permanently) comes to an end tonight with ‘A Case of Murder.’ This go round, Jen (Lori Loughlin) stumbles on a murder in the most unusual of circumstances.

The day starts normally as Jen and her business partner, Dani (Sarah Strange) head to a garage sale. Like most of their treasure hunting, the pair bring home some potential gems to sell in their resale shop. But the one thing Jen doesn’t plan on bringing with her is a murder.

On the vintage recorder she purchased, Jen discovers a recording with a voice frantically saying someone is trying to kill him. This sets Jen on a course to discover the “who” behind the voice and the identity of the potential killer.

Another fun mystery story takes shape in this final (of four all-new) installment of the GSM franchise. This brings the total of films in the series to eleven. ‘A Case of Murder’ may wrap up the month long fun, and what a great way to end. This mystery (script) amps up the tension and keeps a tight, albeit still fun, spin on the investigative clues to solve which surround Jen’s case.

The same formula as the usual format develops in this case of amateur sleuthing. Jen’s same (aka endearing) cohorts (albeit reluctantly) join her to solve another case. From Frank (the detective) to Dani (the best friend) and Logan (the son), there are plenty of people Jen bounces her theories and ideas off on. Most of the time, it’s through their help and has the epiphanies that cracks the case.

This mystery is one of the best. It’s skimpier on suspects (not necessarily in numbers, rather in the development of them and Jen’s involvement in their lives), but big on the mysterious side of things. The gang’s all back, solving this new whodunit with the kind of style only these characters can.

With its memorable and endearing group of characters, the GSM gang is one you’ll want to discover. While they don’t follow closely, I still recommend returning to the beginning with Garage Sale Mystery if you haven’t seen any of these. They’re fun mysteries to puzzle over with a sleuth who never fails to piece those pieces together. ‘A Case for Murder’ features two cute subplots (one a fun family debate involving a “man cave,” the other with Dani) which lessens the “tense” factor for those who aren’t fond of dark mysteries. Something this series is far from.

Don’t miss ‘A Case for Murder’ tonight on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. ↓

Images: Hallmark / Crown Media Press 


  1. Sounds great!!!

    1. These are indeed fun! Have you seen any of them? :)


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