Garage Sale Mystery: Murder by Text (2017) – Jenn’s Most Curious Case Yet!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries returns tonight with an all-new premiere. This one features the second of four Garage Sale Mystery films. In this installment, Jenn (Lori Loughlin) returns to solve a baffling case. The single clue is a text message in a case that looks to be a tragic suicide.

The suspects line up led by members of a band including their lead act, the once-popular country superstar, John Dalton and his high school sweetheart wife, Pamela. Then there’s their possibly sketchy manager Rick, and their wardrobe manager, Cassie. As the suspects line up, Jenn bounces her ideas off her patient husband (Steve Bacic) who’s in something of a loving feud with their daughter, Hannah (Eva Bourne). Meanwhile she finds herself a kind of referee not only in her own family, but to her best friend Dani (Sarah Strange) and her visiting sister, Beth (Gabrielle Miller).

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The same pattern I’ve said many a time over for previous Garage Sale Mystery installments is true of ‘Murder by Text.’ It’s another entertaining sleuth-y story for those of us who like a good riddle. The Shannon’s home life continues to play a role in the scripts, which grounds the story. Though I’ve probably made this observation before, I will say, I like how Jenn’s teenage son is written into the scripts. Logan is her go-to tech expert, so anytime a tech issue crops up in her sleuthing, it’s him she questions.

Of those I’ve seen, this is my favorite in the franchise. (There's two more to anticipate in the next two weeks.) I liked the mystery, and how it unfolds. I also like that Jenn isn’t in “grave danger” as a push to climax the story. Instead its more about a final whodunit proclamation, and in my opinion, this works better.

Other than this, all that’s left to say is this. Don’t forget to watch ‘Murder by Text’ tonight on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. The suspects stack up quickly, and we get to follow through with more of our favorites from the Shannon household to the endearing supporting characters. (Especially fun is learning more about Dani with the arrival of her sister.)

Amateur sleuths, find that perfect cozy nook on the couch, pick up the remote and don’t miss tonight’s premiere of ‘Murder by Text.’

Photos: Hallmark Channel / Crown Media Press 


  1. I need to watch this one! :)

    1. As usual, it's another fun watch. :)


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