Love at the Shore (2017) - Splashy Summer Shores, and Romance

Saturday, August 26, 2017

There's no shortage of cute romantic-comedy chatter on Finding Wonderland. Of this, I am confident. One of the most recent romantic-comedies I've seen (and 100% enjoyed) is Love at the Shore.

The first of Hallmark's 2017 Summer Nights campaign, this is the one I most anticipated when I read about their line up. The reason for this is as follows. Its leading lady is Amanda Righetti. If you watched CBS' The Mentalist, then you'll recognize her name as the character Grace Van Pelt. 

In Love at the Shore, Amanda returns to TV as Jenna Turner, a single mom struggling to write her latest manuscript. To cope, she decides to take her family on a summer vacation by the ocean where she hopes to give her kids a summer to remember and her the chance to write. Of course, next door in the condo she rents there is another guest. A guest who turns out to be a loud, bothersome man... who just happens to be cute.

Naturally, all kinds of fun antics and cute shenanigans go on. There's still one Summer Nights addition ('Mitford') I've not seen, but this is my favorite of the bunch (or tied for the favorite) so far. 

You can read my full length review on Silver Petticoat. 

Love at the Shore (2017) Hallmark Review – Sun, Sand and Romance Creates Family Bonds

There’s a reason many romances take place on coastlines or the shores of sandy beaches. The primary reason being it gives the stories a breezy, beautiful and swoony setting for a romance to further blossom. Hallmark’s Love at the Shore further proves why these reasons are valid. Continue Reading on Silver Petticoat →

Have you seen this cute romcom? What's your favorite of Hallmark's Summer Nights campaign? Let me know down below. 

Photos: Hallmark

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