Sun, Sand and Romance (2017) – Perfect Summer Escapism RomCom

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Summertime is about to slip into the twilight and hibernate for another year. Before it does, Hallmark wants you to visit their “shores” with one final Summer Nights original.

Globe-trotting is the “ebb and flow” of Michael “Shep” Shepard’s life. Currently his perpetual year long stint settles Shep (Paul Campbell) in Mexico. Working as activities director at an exotic resort, life gives and holds all Shep wants from it. Then, he reconnects with Kate (Tricia Helfer).

Working as an in-demand marketing executive in the New York publishing world, Kate is ready for some fun in the sun. Her boyfriend, Eric, has other ideas. When she comes face to face with her old friend, Shep whom she knew from her days as a camp counselor, Kate second guesses everything. As Eric pulls further into the possibility of a new business working relationship, Kate’s days stretch endlessly before her… days during which, she rediscovers how to unwind and live.

This is exactly the kind of flick I love watching on a summer evening in. It’s bright, cute and funny (zip line scene!). Unlike most of the offerings on this network, this one gives its viewers the best kind of view; a story with an exotic setting. Set in Mexico (though I’m unsure of its actual filming location), the scenery is breathtaking. From the clear, vibrant colors of the waters blending greens and blues, to the sleek sophistication of the resort itself, the sights are stunning.

Looking beyond the aesthetic, there’s many a familiar face in front of the camera. Tricia Helfer has been in a slew of Hallmark flicks – from Christmas originals (Operation Christmas, Finding Christmas) to popular TV shows (Suits, Burn Notice, Dark Blue). Similarly, Paul Campbell will be a familiar leading man from films like Surprised by Love (with Hilarie Burton) to Once Upon a Holiday. Then there’s the adorable Sadie Robertson. Making her Hallmark debut, Sadie plays Chloe, a resort employee. Her signature bubbly personality is sure to make you smile (even with her limited screen time), and hope this isn’t the last time we see her on this network.

The teleplay is one of the sweetest in this latest round of TV romances (and the favorite of mine), and keeps things moving fast and fun. There’s some witty one-liners, a great sense of “place” showcased to its brightest, and of course, a cast that plays this all to perfection. Tricia and Paul are cute together (just as we’d wish them to be) and Sadie makes the circle complete with her character, who sees what’s really going on between these two (long before they do). As any good story does, this one wisely leaves fans with an epilogue that’s as beautiful as the film’s sunsets. Sun, Sand and Romance is summer TV escapism at its finest.

Images: Hallmark Channel / Crown Media Press


  1. I love your review! I had no idea Sadie was acting...I'd love to check this one out with my sisters!

    1. It's super cute, Bekah (as all Hallmarks are, but we love talking about them, right??). Hope you ladies enjoy! (And limited though her role is, seeing Sadie in this was fun.)


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