A New Shade of Summer by Nicole Deese - Contemporary Fiction Sure to Set Hearts Aflutter

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

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Author: Nicole Deese
Publisher: Waterfall Press
Publication Date: 2017
Genre: Fiction; Contemporary Romance
Source: Author Street Team – thank you, Rel and Nicole!
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Rating: ★★★★★
If you adore swoon-worthy stories with heart, A New Shade of Summer is one that rivals the best of the best. It’s smart, funny and beautifully romantic in all the right places, spaces and ways. It’s a story sure to set hearts aflutter. 
Failure is something Davis Carter feels the crippling weight of. As a single parent, he’s trying to find the hole in his relationship with his son, Brandon, which will allow him to slip past the kid’s defense. Between his son and running his vet client, he has very little time for anything. Furthermore, Davis is having to deal with bothersome in-laws that cannot – or won’t, respect Davis’ role as Brandon’s parent.

Life turns upside down for both of these men when into their small town breezes the red-headed free-spirit, Callie Quinn. On her annual visit to spend time with her sister’s family, Callie is the “fun aunt,” the girl everyone loves, but never expects to stick around. Callie has a wanderlust that hasn’t been caught. As Callie bonds with Brandon, the creative souls form a connection that slowly forces him to open up. Also under her spell falls Davis, a man who’s cautious and patient heart has already been broken…

Unfortunately, I’ve not read all of the novels boldly sporting the name Nicole Deese on their cover. What I have read (a novella, and one full-length novel), I’ve thoroughly enjoyed, which is why this, her latest, immediately caught my attention. From the brightly lit hues of the cover to the eye-catching hot air balloons, this story certainly looked the part of perfect romantic-comedy. As I settled in to begin flipped its pages, whether or not the story would match its cover were the answers I was seeking. 
Falling in love with you was not happenstance. - Nicole Deese, A New Shade of Summer
‘Summer’ boasts a unique story. Perhaps not at first blush, but the further Deese tugs readers in the story, the more we realize this. On the surface, this is merely an adorable romance novel that is as charming as its cover suggests (which would be more than enough for this reader). Read on and you discover the story is actually one of a complicated, and emotional upheaval (backstory) for its primary players. Speaking of those protagonists, let’s talk about them.

The text switches off between Callie and Davis’ respective first-person POV’s (chapter-by-chapter). Though many things do, it’s this factor that has a great influence on the depth of the characters. Nicole’s characters suffer no shortcomings in terms of being fleshed out because of this. Davis and Callie are among the most memorable couples in fiction I’ve encountered. They’re strong, independent and multifaceted souls on their own.

Together, they bring out the best in one another, and even, on occasion, the worst. Their journey is the best of the best. The simmering, longing emotion is beautiful. They sort of “fall” into a relationship, but it’s the kind of transition that feels natural, so it reads authentic and romantic. And oh my, that first kiss!

A New Shade of Summer is a magical masterpiece. Nestled inside these pages is a story so charming, it’s sure to melt the romantic of any reader’s heart. It’s swoon-y (this thanks to Davis – speaking of, who else things he resembles Colin Egglesfield??), quirky (attributes to Callie) and heartwarming. The cast of characters keeps the reader giggling over their antics, but it’s the writing that keeps us fully engaged. Deese’s beautiful prose impresses throughout every corner of this story. It’s more than a contemporary novel because it pushes its characters towards something more.

If you adore swoon-worthy stories with heart, A New Shade of Summer is one that rivals the best of the best. It’s smart, funny and beautifully romantic in all the right places, spaces and ways. It’s a story sure to set hearts aflutter. ♥

Synopsis: As an artist, Callie Quinn relies on inspiration to guide her wandering soul. This summer she accepts a short-term muralist job in her sister’s charming town to spend some much-needed time with her family. After meeting her nephew’s friend, Brandon, she’s eager to draw out his untapped artistic talents—however, it’s the boy’s straitlaced single father who could use a little color in his life.
Davis Carter may be the town’s favorite animal whisperer, but his experience is limited when it comes to understanding his preteen’s rebellious behavior. Desperate for a breakthrough, he follows the lead of a free spirit who claims to know the way into his son’s closed-off world. Soon, Davis isn’t the only one caught up in the hope of a new beginning.
Just as Callie considers trading her unattached existence for a life rich with promise and permanence, an unexpected visit from the past threatens to send her packing once again. Davis and Callie must learn to surrender their fears so they can find a love that will outlast the summer. - Goodreads 
Sincere thanks to the author, and Rel's Author Support Services for providing an e-copy of this book. All review opinions are my own.


  1. Nicole Deese has become one of my must read authors. I've been eagerly anticipating this latest release. It sounds like it lives up to her fabulous writing skills. Plus, that cover is one of the most stunning covers ever!

    1. Same, Brittaney. This book is magic. I do hope you enjoy - and SO MUCH YES! I agree on this cover. (Plus, the story inside is equally as wonderful.) Happy reading. :)

  2. new author to me

    1. She's a fantastic author. :)

  3. What a great review! I loved this book :)

    1. As did I, Heidi! Is it too soon to admit I'm already curious to discover what Nicole has in store for her next story?? :D

  4. I won this in a giveaway, so it's pretty far down my TBR pile, as I have so many review book to get to first! But I'm sure I'll love it when I do get to it--it looks fantastic!

    1. I relate to this, Becky. No matter how much I want to read a book I buy (because I never win giveaways :D), I have to prioritize those review TBR books. Still... I do hope you enjoy this one. It's lovely. :)


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