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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Darker days coupled with shorter days (and dark nights!!) plus the invasion known as PSL can mean only one thing. It’s October. How this happened I’ll never now. But in celebration of this most momentous event, I wrote a little post.

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If you were to dig into the archives, you’d like discover some post, somewhere, in which I mention that I don’t celebrate Halloween. I grew up not celebrating October 31st and as an adult this is something I’ve also chosen not to celebrate. It’s a personal choice and one I haven’t felt jipped about nor as if I’ve particularly missed something that would aid me in my every day.

However, during October, I cannot deny that – on occasion – I enjoy a spook(ish) read. Or a Gothic infused period drama. I also cannot hide from the fact that mystery novels are something I tend to read during this season. In consideration of all this (and because, guys, I’ve seen some ah-ma-zing Gothic-esque dramas), I decided to write a little “spooky” post today.

As I like to do, I’ve split my list up. On the blog’s Booktube channel, we talk about eight films that are perfect atmospheric dates. Below, we discuss an additional four that also fit nicely with this season. Without further intro or rambles or incoherent speaking, let’s have a look at those six dramas.

(This post does contain affiliate links; read the disclosure page for details.)

1. Beastly (Film Adaptation) | Super sweet, this "dark" YA adaptation re-tells the Beauty and the Beast legend for a younger, contemporary audience. (PG13)

Watch Beastly on Amazon Video (currently free with Prime) or purchase on DVD! Beastly is rated PG13 (innuendo, minor profanity)

2. Gosford Park | An Oscar-winning film, Gosford Park is from acclaimed writer Julian Fellowes (of Downton Abbey fame). The story follows a group of people at a house party, all of whom find themselves embroiled in a whodunit when someone is murdered! Of course, this isn’t a film marketed for this season, but it boasts the proper vibes – plus it’s worth seeing for the cast alone. (One that reads like a let’s-pack-all-of-the-British-talent-in-one-film agenda.) (Rated R)

3. Great Expectations | Anything based on a Dicken's novel is apropos this time of year. Great Expectations or The Mystery of Edwin Drood is particularly so. (TV14)

4. Houdini & Doyle (Fox Series) | Lighthearted and fun, this cute series starts off as a fun series! Though I haven't finished the entire set, I was thoroughly enjoying the stories, and appreciated that the brevity was complimented by deeper themes and topics. (TV14)

Buy Houdini & Doyle on Amazon Video or purchase the entire region 2 (UK) series on DVD. The show is rated TV14 (some innuendo/sexual content, minor profanity, violence)

5. The Living and the Dead (BBC Series) | Spooky with sweeping cinematography, this miniseries is as elegant as it is atmospheric. Its only flaw? The ending! I suspect the writers wanted to keep the door open for future installments, but had it ended five to ten seconds earlier, things would have been rosy. (TV14)

Buy The Living and the Dead on Amazon Video or purchase the DVD set.

6. Pirates of the Caribbean (Franchise) | Again, this isn’t a series catered to this time of year, but with its ghostly pirates and ships, it “feels” appropriate. Plus, I have a soft spot for this series (even though I can admit the first is the best of the bunch). (Rated PG13)

Buy Pirates of the Caribbean on Amazon Video or purchase the DVD or combo set (DVD/BuRay) on Amazon.

That’s it for our little “spooky” recommendation talkative blog post. Have you seen any of these? Do you like any of these? Or are you drawn to any for any reason? Let’s chat all about these down below! Or any other bookish talk.

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  1. I loved The Living and the Dead! Great picks! :)

    1. ME TOO, Lauren!! I only wish (since there's no S2) that the ending had shaved off those final seconds so that the characters could have been left in peace. :/

      Other than that... it's a fabulous production. :)


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