Carrie Pilby (2017) - New York Streets Backdrop Literary Heroine's Story

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Every once in a while, I encounter a magical piece of cinema. 

Not the kind that transports you to a land where fairies guide a heroine through dangerous villains. Or the sort where magicians must carefully conceal their sorcery lest they lose everything. Nor even the ones that ends with a kiss that reawakens a beauty sleeping in the woods. 

No, it's the sort of magic that comes along once in a blue moon when I make a discovery of a contemporary piece of filmmaking that somehow, just "clicks." 

Quibbles, quirks and all, one such film is, Carrie Pilby. Let me introduce you to Carrie.

Carrie Pilby is an exceptionally bright young woman who graduated Harvard at 19. Now, without school as a buffer, she struggles to find her little piece of the world in the big, wide city that is New York. 

Witty, heartwarming, and even, swoony, Carrie Pilby is one of the best "happy accident" films I've seen. Boasting an all-star cast (trivia note: lots of British talent, including William Moseley from the Narnia films), this Indie is a gem of a story that explores life, living among the world but not of it, and love. 

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Find my official, full review of this one on Silver Petticoat. ♥

Carrie Pilby Film Review

Indie films and I have what I’d call a love-hate relationship. I find them on a whim, read their premise, check out the cast list and perhaps finish with the two-minute trailer. After that, I add them to my “think about” list. If I ever get around to watching them, my reaction is one of two things: I either fall head over heels for their brand of charm or I detest them. Read on Silver Petticoat Review →
Content: British slang/profanity, and a use of the F-word. Some adult situations, including an underage affair (non-explicit) and talk of society’s obsession with “sex.” The film is unrated, but would, in all likelihood, earn a PG-13 rating.


  1. Hey, I am @lotsofbookstoread on IG. I love your post! I haven't heard of this movie until now but you have me curious.

    1. It's really sweet, Emilee!! I do hope you enjoy if/when you see it.

      *waves* Great to see you visiting here. :)

  2. I really loved this movie and your review is just perfect!

    1. Thanks, Bekah - me too. One of my favorites. :)


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