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Monday, October 23, 2017

Hello, readers! There is about to be a minor change to the way you, readers and friends, can follow Finding Wonderland. Unfortunately.

Because of a program I recently joined and will be using on Finding Wonderland, I can no longer send out my feed burner subscriptions. This means, you'll no longer receive new posts to your inbox - at least not in the same manner you have been. While I'm disappointed in this, and would love this to continue "as is," it cannot.

This leads me to some questions. Questions I'd be more grateful to have your feedback on.

The plan is to continue providing some type of "newsletter" that updates all the recent blog content for those of you who like to receive the latest in your inbox. Or that's in the plans. Before this can get up and running, I need to ask the following questions. These questions to you are as follows.

+ Service: What do you use for subscriptions and/or newsletters? What are the best programs you use? I'm open to suggestions!
+ Frequency: How often would you like updates? Twice a week - or keep it to a once-a-week roundup?
+ Transfers: Is there any program that would allow me to transfer everyone currently following via email to a newsletter service?

+ Subscribe to our Weekly (once or twice weekly) wrap up and round up newsletter!

Let me know down below your thoughts, best advice, and what you feel works. I'm open to suggestions and welcome the feedback. 

As always, thank you all so much for your support and readership of Finding Wonderland. I appreciate everyone who's stuck with Finding Wonderland, and to all the new readers, thank you - and welcome!! I'm glad you're here.

Thank you for visiting Finding Wonderland 


  1. Look at you, getting all organized!!! I like the idea of a weekly update newsletter. Good luck with that --- I have no knowledge of the various email services!

    I typically see your blog posts via my WordPress reader dashboard (I like that I can follow non-wordpress blogs through it), or through other social media updates (Twitter, recently Facebook).

    1. ...well, it's the appearance of being organized anyway, Courtney. Or maybe just a thought that I could be! ;)

      Thanks! I like the idea as well. I set something up, so now we'll see if I can keep it up to date.

      I'm old-fashioned and still read blogs via my reader dashboard too - or that's where I browse and see what everyone has posted. Blogger's the same. I can manually add WP or independently hosted websites on my dashboard, too. Or yes, social media is a great source too!! :)

  2. I use Feedly for a blog reader since it's the most similar to the old Google Reader. Will you still have an RSS feed from your blog?

    1. I accidentally deleted my feed, Heidi! I was thinking by deleting it that would correct my email subs, only to realize I simply needed to disable the emails. But it's back so here's hoping everything is working. Let me know if it's all set up OK! :)

  3. Wish I had definitive Apps or vendors to recommend - alas I do not. But I support idea of weekly roundup.

    1. Thanks! I'm glad a weekly round up sounds good, Jenna. I appreciate the feedback. I do have that all set up so now we'll see how long I keep current with sending it out. :)


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