Darrow and Darrow (2017) – The New Sleuths on Hallmark’s Block

Sunday, October 22, 2017

A therapist, librarian, bargain hunter, detective, baker and archaeologist are the women headlining Hallmark Movies and Mysteries respective mystery series. Tonight a new sleuth (an attorney!) is introduced in the launch, of what likely anticipates being a Hallmark serial, Darrow and Darrow.

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Running the small-town small practice built on her father’s reputation is something of a life passion for Claire Darrow (Kimberley Williams-Paisley). Settled in her life, she's been busy with the business, and raising her daughter, Louise (Lilah Fitzgerald) in the town she grew up. Now this is where they live and where she's reopened the firm her mother closed after her father’s death. When Claire lands a case involving a local business owner on parole, things get muddled – and fast!

Coinciding with this new case is the arrival of Claire’s ambitious mother, Kay (Wendie Malick). Of course, to add more pressure, Miles (Tom Cavanaugh), the DA who takes the case, has a kind of personal connection to her. You see, Miles has a standing monthly date to ask Claire out, which is a penciled in date Claire perpetually turns down.

As is true of the many Hallmark series that are popular and recurring, Darrow and Darrow is an entertaining TV film. The mystery is about deduction skills rather than a “dark tunnel chills” mystery. Unlike some of their other franchises, solving this mystery involves surveillance videos and conversations which opposes the kind of Nancy Drew-esque sleuths of other series.

The story is more about the characters over the suspense, which is a nice change. With just an edge of riddle surrounding the outline of the script, the story is able to dig a little deeper into these characters. Focus is put on the personal relationships and of course the cute friendship between Miles and Claire. The flirty banter between these two characters is adorable! It’s all about the nerdy, geeky kind of banter, and this makes the viewer smile big. What we don’t first realize is there are underpinnings to this potential relationship that strengthens it. Their shared emotional connection makes their interactions weighty with some emotion, but never goes “too” deep. (Meaning, the same feelings and branding Hallmark is best known for remains intact.)

Beyond this, all I can say is watch Darrow and Darrow. It’s a fabulous start to a new series that is sure to want future installments. It’s lovely to see Kimberly (star of Father of the Bride and wife of country music star, Brad Paisley) on screen again. Plus, it’s nice to see Cavanaugh step into character shoes that I can actually like! His character on The Flash? Not so much love there.

For fear of spilling spoilers or giving too much away, I’ll end with this: tune in and meet the quirky, but loveable characters of Darrow and Darrow. I suspect, you’ll enjoy their brand of justice.

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  1. Wow. Good review. I would love to see this. I'll check into it. Thanks. :)

    1. It's lots of fun, Kathy! Hope you also enjoy it - and thank you! As always, glad you visited. :)

  2. My mom and I watched this together last night - SO CUTE!! I can't wait for more!

    1. Right?? I'd love for this one to have more too because it is cute (I love the geeky, flirty give-and-take between Miles and Claire). :)

  3. This one was so cute! I normally feel so-so about Movies & Mysteries movies (except for the Christmas ones, of course), but from the instant this one was announced, I knew I'd love it. Really, it had me at Tom Cavanagh ... but then, I love every character he's ever played on The Flash, even the evil Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne from season one :-)

    1. It sure was! I really enjoyed the fun dynamics between the three girls, and of course, the nerdy "romance" between Miles and Claire. :)

      I'm SO far out of touch with all of my superhero shows... and it makes me kinda sad. But someday I'll catch up. *keeps dreaming*


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