Power Rangers (2017) – Live Action Adventure Flick of a Pop Culture Favorite

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

When it comes to the films I like, I’m a rebel. (99% of the time.) Those that the “powers that be” critics tear apart (and I understand they do objectively view films) and belittle are often the titles I’m most fond of.

Pushing the limits is one of Jason Scott’s mottos. His latest dare devil stunt lands him in the hospital after a brush with death. Because he tore up his leg, his chance at a football scholarship is impossible, and now he's on his father’s list of disappointments. 

As punishment for vandalizing school property, Jason (Dacre Montgomery) must spend his Saturdays in detention with a bunch of “weirdos and criminals,” or so his father believes them to be. Jason along with two of his fellow detainees - pretty-girl-cheerleader-turned-rebel, Kimberly (Naomi Scott) and Billy (RJ Cyler), a bright kid on the “spectrum,” wind up connected in unusual ways.

During a night of curfew breaking, Jason, Kimberly, Billy, and two fellow classmates, Trini (Becky G) and Zack (Ludi Lin), discover colorful coins buried in a quarry. As they try to escape notice, they are in what should be a fatal car accident. Only the following morning, each awake to find they’re unharmed… and very different.

To bottom line my feels for this summer flick, I have to say the following. I 100% love this. That said, do I have more to say about this including getting into specifics? Of course I do. This wouldn’t be a Finding Wonderland review if not. Though I’d read about this in bits and pieces back when made the rounds in theaters, enough time elapsed since then to erase any early impressions. Distance that I’m glad to have gone into this flick with.
This Ranger team did what my team could not. You will humbly walk amongst your peers, but heroes you all will be. Each of your names will be etched alongside the great Ranger teams before you. I will always owe a debt of gratitude to you all.
The story opens with “campy” origins that, if you’re anything like me, may cause a kind of OK-this-is-going-to-be-a-silly-plot reaction. In many ways, that is just what Power Rangers is, but it’s also completely entertaining (and this is how it wins me over), engrossing and all-around fantabulous. Once it settles into a groove, I was completely “in” the world of these five strangers and wondering what's around the bend. The script does employ clichés, but it does so in a non-cliché manner. (I know, this is contradictory.) Rather than fall into some of the trope traps (not that I'd have been annoyed if this one had done so) this type of story ordinarily would, this one opts for navigating away from these story cues. I’d say more, but in consideration of spoilers and all that, I’ll avoid this.

Full of relative unknowns, this cast is well suited, although is again a good deal older than their high school aged counterpart characters. In regards to this cast, here’s a fun bit of trivia for you: Scott has been cast as Jasmine in Disney’s upcoming live-action remake. She’s going to suit the role very well in my opinion. Beyond the main cast (all of whom play their roles with unique perspectives and plenty of emotions), Elizabeth Bands and Bill Hader (voicing a hilarious robot) co-star.

Anyone looking for a fun popcorn flick to enjoy should look no further than Power Rangers. It’s fast-paced, cool to watch (sci-fi effects and whatnot), plus it features a (surprisingly) good cast with strong performances. Some of the scenes drag a bit (the climax), but overall, the humor keeps things lighthearted and the themes of sacrifice add depth. For this girl, Power Rangers is the kind of film that's perfect to enjoy on a weekend, and let me tell you, I thoroughly did enjoy this.

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Content: there’s some minor profanity and innuendo. Some tense moments (including two car wrecks) and of course, some sci-fi violence. The film is rated PG13.


  1. Yes! I loved this movie so much! I was honestly surprised that I enjoyed it because I haven't really liked a Power Rangers movie/show since MMPR. I loved all the characters and the story and even the donuts reference! XD Great review!

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds

    1. I've not seen any Power Ranger story prior to this. But this one is SO MUCH FUN!! I enjoyed that it made me smile, the cast and that it doesn't follow the common tropes as I expected. So fun! :)

      Glad to meet another fan - and thanks for reading, Tracy!

  2. I haven't seen the new movie, but I loved watching the original series on tv when I was little. I'll have to try it some time!

    1. I never watched any of the originals, Lauren, but this one was so much fun! And it manages to surprise me, which is always a good thing. :) Let me know what you think if you decide to watch this one.


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