Booktube Talk | Christmas Book and Movie Recommendations!!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Booktube Talk | Christmas Book and Movie Recommendations

With Christmas season, and all the merriment surrounding it fast approaching, today I’m sharing a few recommendations. All of which will hopefully further put you in a festive mood; perhaps more so than the sparkly lights and pine smell already has.

I know, I post something like this every season either here or on booktube, or both. But it’s fun, plus there’s always new discoveries to gush and chat about, and share with you all. If you’re anything like me, you love talking about all these new discoveries and finds.

First we chat about a few festive Christmas stories you can easily snag on Kindle (because who doesn’t want to bring a book on that road trip?). I’ll confess, until the past couple of years, never – or very rarely, did I read any kind of seasonal story. There really isn’t a reason for this. It just didn’t seem to happen. Fortunately, I broke myself of that (bad) habit. Among these books, there are some favorites!

Further on down the page, I take this chance to fangirl (as if I need to do this on top of what I already do) over favorite Hallmark Christmas originals. Which ones have you liked this year?

Before moving forward, I will say, sure there will be some overlap (with the post and the latest on Finding Wonderland's booktube channel). But then, that’s just what happens when one fangirls over favorites.  

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BOOKS | 2017
A Cliché Christmas by Nicole Deese | I’ve still not read this pretty, but it sits on my shelf waiting for me to pick it up. Plus, I’ve heard amazing things. Amazon

Starring Christmas by Rachel McMillan and Allison Pittman | This is one I read and enjoyed last year. It’s a quick read sure to enchant those looking for a new Christmas read. Amazon

One Christmas in Winter by Bell Renshaw | Sadly I have not read this novella, but it’s been making the rounds on Instagram. Because of its pretty cover, and the synopsis, I’ve zero doubt I’m going to 100% enjoy this novella. UPDATE: Read this novella, and it's delightful from beginning to end! Amazon
Enchanted: a Christmas Collection by Melissa Tagg | I am always going to mention Melissa’s novellas because they’re so lovely. Plus, her third novella in this collection, One Enchanted Noel just released. She also released a paperback bind up of all three which is gorgeous. Amazon

Books discussed in the Booktube Video | What Light by Jay Asher (Amazon); Miss Christmas by Gigi Garrett (Amazon); Wrapped in Red by Meghan Gorecki (Amazon); Christmas at Gate 18 by Amy Matayo; The Proposal by Becky Wade (Amazon
FILMS | 2017
A Bramble House Christmas (2017) | Based on a novel of the same name, this Hallmark Movies and Mysteries original is a picturesque drama. It sets up as a bittersweet tale, but during the journey, it becomes something of beauty.

Christmas with Holly (2012) | One of my “forever” favorites; love this one. It never grows tiresome, and I adore the cast and the chemistry between everyone. Amazon

Magical Christmas Ornaments (2017) | This is the most recent Hallmark original I've seen, and it's so sweet. Perhaps what I loved best is the way the romance forms. Watch for a review soon.

Films discussed in the Booktube video | A Christmas Prince; Enchanted Christmas; A Gift to Remember; Miss Christmas; and With Love, Christmas.

There are so many more films of a season nature that I enjoy, but one has to quit somewhere. Visit Finding Wonderland's 'Christmas page' to discover more favorites. What Christmas movies do you watch each year? Have you seen any of Hallmark’s 2017 originals!? Share your favorites and any Christmas reads you enjoy!! Comment down below with your thoughts.

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  1. I was just lamenting earlier that I needed some Christmas books/movies/etc. to read this holiday still, so this post comes at the best time! I'll have to check these all out, thanks for the recs!

    1. Hey, Jordan!! Yay. I do hope you discover some new reads/films to enjoy. Let me know if you wind up reading and/or seeing any of these. :)

  2. Christmas with Holly is one of my forever favorites too! Bramble House Christmas is a new favorite this year as well. I ended up having to post a list of all my favorite television Christmas movies this year. And the list keeps growing.

    1. I too adore 'Holly,' Brittaney. It's such a special story. Have you read the novel on which it's based? Of course, it's more "worldly" than the film, but I still liked it.

      YES!! 'Bramble' is, I'm a feeling, going to be one I'll enjoy throughout the years.

      ...and I'm definitely going to be by to see your list. Love chatting about all the Christmas-y stories. :)

  3. LadyMustang65December 20, 2017

    I've seen many this year. My favorite is Christmas at Holly Lodge, but then I adore Jordan Bridges, so I knew I'd like that one. Christmas with Holly is one I have on DVR but have not gotten to yet. Past favorites - Holiday Engagement (also with Jordan Bridges) and one you mentioned - Nine Lives of Christmas. So many good ones. So far there's only been one I haven't really liked. The others just make me smile. :)

    1. I really like Jordan Bridges, too. But I have not seen that one yet. Perhaps I will before the Christmas movie season is gone! Aww, I enjoy 'Engagement' and 'Nine Lives' too. Both are ones I watch every year. :)

      Christmas with Holly is so (so) cute. Let me know if you do see it. :)

    2. LadyMustang65January 15, 2018

      I got to see Christmas with Holly this past weekend, and that was just adorable! I'd take any of those brothers! :) That's definitely one I'll watch every year.

      I also got to see A Very Merry Mix Up and enjoyed that one as well. I am finding that Alicia Witt is becoming a favorite of mine. Did you see the one (forget the name at the moment) where she plays a woman who lies a lot, and her young niece asks Santa to make her stop? I don't remember if that one was new for this year or not (I think probably not), but it was really good, as was the one she did where she went to the writer's conference. I'm really drawing a blank on movie titles right now!

      Did you ever get a chance to Christmas at Holly Lodge? I've watched it several times and have enjoyed it each time, but it is one where you have to kind of just go with the flow because a couple of things don't make sense if you think about them too much. ;0 Hasn't ruined my enjoyment of them, though.

    3. Right?? I couldn't agree more re: your Christmas with Holly thoughts. It's one of my all-time, "classic" favorites. And yes! Those brothers are all CUTE!! :D

      Alicia is popular with Hallmark films, so I suspect she'll be in lots to come. I did see the one where she lies... but not her newest, in which she plays the writer. I'll catch that one next year! (Glad to hear it's good.)

      No, 'Holly Lodge' is another I didn't catch. I meant to, but I don't think I ever had it scheduled on the DVR, so I didn't have it saves. I know the feeling! Sometimes with certain stories you have to just "unplug" and enjoy it for the adorable fluff (story) it is. :)

      Glad you came by to share your thoughts on all of these.


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