Hallmark Channel Preview | #CountdowntoChristmas 2017 Continues! (Part 2)

Friday, December 1, 2017

Hello, readers and friends. Today, I'm bringing you a little “preview” article about the Hallmark Channel originals that are set to premiere this next month. But these aren’t just any TV originals, no these are their annual Christmas originals. A campaign all of the ratings suggest many of us love.

Below you’ll see a snippet of my official preview on Silver Petticoat (and you can follow the links to read the post in its entirety). First I’m sharing a few thoughts on the titles I’m most looking forward to (after all there are 15, in addition to the 19 from previous premieres, to choose from!)

Jessica Lowndes co-stars with one of the Chesapeake Shores brothers, Brendan Penny in The Magical Christmas Ornaments (December 3 on Hallmark Movie Channel). A story about a woman that begins receiving Christmas ornaments in honor of her mother. The Christmas Cottage (December 9) pairs together Merritt Patterson (A Royal Winter) and Steve Lund in a story about a woman who’s given up on love (naturally someone comes along who will change her mind). Jesse Metcalfe who plays one of my favorite TV heroes on Chesapeake Shores also stars in Christmas Next Door (December 16), as a man left in charge of his niece and nephew during the holidays.

Finally, on New Year's Eve (Eve!), Hallmark is set to premiere A Royal New Year's Eve, the title kind of gives away the fact that a royal romance is involved, which is one of my favorite story tropes - bring on all the fairy tale feels!

Of course, there are lots more in the line up, something for everyone to enjoy, no matter your preferred genre. Fans of When Calls the Heart will also be thrilled to see a new Christmas installment which will air Christmas day! (Oh, and yes, never fear, Hearties... JACK IS BACK!)

Though Hallmark has been celebrating this most wonderful time of year since Halloween, their Countdown to Christmas campaign continues with 15 additional 2017 premieres!

Below, we’ve collected those additional 15 new films spanning both networks, Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. You’re going to spy many a familiar face, faces making their Hallmark Channel debut, book adaptations, and of course, plenty of mistletoe. Continue Reading on Silver Petticoat Review →
Tell me which of these you’re looking forward too, or which you’ve already seen and enjoyed this year! The comments are now yours.

Photos: Hallmark Channel / Crown Media Press


  1. Thank you so much for the review (#2)! I love Hallmark Channel and they do a great job at Christmas especially!! Loving this season already with a glass of wine and Hallmark!!

    1. As do I - Hallmark is my go-to network over the holiday season (and I'll confess, because of the volume of new premieres, it's on ALL THE TIME at my house). Do you have a favorite so far? :)


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