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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Hey, readers and friends! Today I'm dropping by with news of a little sale. I've been seeing this make the blog rounds and have previously made note of it myself, so I thought I'd share the details - and perhaps for those of us who are still shopping (*raises hand*), some of these ideas will help.

Amazon always has amazing book prices (and sometimes the awesome steal of a price). Bonus, if you have Prime, these pretty books can be in your hands in 2 (business) days! Small though that is, it's kinda awesome too. Bonus!! Many of Amazon's prices (at time of posting) are darn good prices/deals - practically steals!

Booktube Talk | Christmas Book and Movie Recommendations!!

*As I always say, I have not read all of these, so while they are listed below, I don't necessarily personally recommend them all. Those I do love/have read will be marked so.

(Please note: This post does contain affiliate links. If you purchase anything through these links - at no extra cost to you, I'll receive a small commission. Read the disclosure page for details.)

Let's have a look at some I'm going to feature!

Velvet Undercover* by Teri Brown

Unblemished* by Sara Ella: ★★★★ Review  | Unravelling* by Sara Ella: ★★★★½ Review



The Names They Gave Us by Emery Lord | The Start of Me and You* by Emery Lord: ★★★★★ Review

Warcross* by Marie Lu | The Red Door Inn* by Liz Johnson | There You'll Find Me* by Jenny B. Jones

Anna and the French Kiss* by Anna and the French Kiss 
My True Love Gave to Me (Edited by Stephanie Perkins): Novella Collection

Cold Shot* | Submerged*, authored by Dani Pettrey 

The Bronte Plot* by Katherine Reay 
Dear Mr. Knightley* by Katherine Reay

Geek Girl* by Holly Smale  | Hello, Goodbye and Everything In-Between* by Jennifer E Smith

Through Waters Deep* by Sarah Sundin


Her One and Only* by Becky Wade | Meant to Be Mine* by Becky Wade
True to You* by Becky Wade


Wild Montana Skies* by Susan May Warren
Baby It's Cold Outside by Susan May Warren

Hometown Girl by Courtney Walsh | Just Look Up by Courtney Walsh

Siren's Fury* | Storm Siren* | Siren's Song*, all authored by Mary Webber



By Your Side by Kasie West | The Fill-In Boyfriend* by Kasie West
Lucky in Love* by Kasie West

(* = I've read and thoroughly enjoyed these!)

Could I add more to this list? Of course! But if I don't stop now, I'll be here all night. 

Have you or will you be doing any book shopping? Are any of these on your wish lists? I know I'm going to be doing some book shopping!! Tell me about your must-buy books down below!

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  1. so many good books on your list! I loved Dear Mr. Knightley most of all.

    1. I adore 'Mr. Knightley.' It's an incredible novel full of wit and wisdom. :)

  2. Great list! Loved the ones by Dani Pettrey, Susan May Warren, Katherine Reay, Courtney Walsh and Becky Wade!

    1. Me too, Heidi! Without question, Becky's is one of THE best of 2017, so I cannot wait to gush yet again (in my upcoming "best of" post).


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