Rocky Mountain Christmas (2017) – Colorado Country Christmas

Monday, December 25, 2017

Rocky Mountain Christmas (2017) – Colorado Country Christmas

When a line up has to come to a close, the way to do this is by going out with a story like Rocky Mountain Christmas. It’s one of those stories that makes you feel warm, and cozy and happy inside. Let’s discover the “why” behind this.

New York treats Sarah McKinney (Lindy Booth) well. She grew up in the wide open spaces of Colorado, but now she’s carved a niche for herself as an interior designer for an elite hotel chain. Even still, with Christmas fast approaching, Sarah is ready to return to her roots for a visit and family reunion. Since aunt Beth died, all Sarah has is her uncle Ben (Treat Williams) – the man who essentially raised her, and her brother, Cody. Plus, her cause is strengthened by the fact that she needs to escape the spotlight surrounding her recent break up.

She makes her way to the family ranch with peace and quiet on her mind; a place she can recharge. Fate has other plans. Before she’s been home 24 hours, she’s roped into organizing the Christmas parade and playing babysitter to a popular actor. Graham Mitchell (Kristoffer Polaha) has a legit reason for staying on a ranch (preparation for a role). Or so he wants everyone to think. But with her own bruised heart, Sarah comes to realize Graham too has more than one reason for hiding away...

Making a “copy and paste” repeat action on my keyboard from nearly any Hallmark film would suffice to sum up my thoughts on this one. A term I mean in only the most complimentary and endearing way. Hallmark originals are my jam. (Seriously, my Saturday nights often involve comfort food and the newest Hallmark film. Yes, I’m - quite happily, boring.) If the Most Wonderful Movies of Christmas must end (Hallmark Movies and Mysteries brand), this is the kind of finale that is needed to bookend the end of 2017's line up.

The story pulls familiar pieces from many other films, but when there are great leads guiding everything, anything and everything is forgiven. In this case, a favorite lead actor at my house makes the biggest difference. Like his previous roles in Hallmark originals, Kristoffer again plays another memorable leading man. Holding true to his previous “types,” he’s the gentleman of the story, but there’s something in his performances that have an ease about them. If you’re anything like me, this helps put the audience at ease and builds a natural rapport with his respective leading ladies.

You’ll also recognize Lindy from earlier Hallmark originals. The two that immediately come to mind are both Christmas films. The familial bonds and ties that brings everyone together is charming and sweet. Though it’s not the focal point of the feature, Sarah’s relationship with her brother is also a well-written part of the story. This is something sure to appeal to those of us who like an emphasis on family ties.

Shot against a beautiful backdrop that features stunning landscapes and scenery, Rocky Mountain Christmas is memorable. 

Photos: Hallmark / Crown Media Press

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