Frozen in Love (2018) – Bookshop Girl + Hockey Star = Romantic Meet-Cute

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Frozen in Love (2018) – Bookshop Girl + Hockey Star = Romantic Meet-Cute

The second original for Hallmark Channel’s Winterfest is, as we all know it will be, impossibly cute. Frozen in Love introduces us to Mary (Rachael Leigh Cook), a woman with a bookish aptitude who’s recently taken over ownership of her parents book shop. Quaint, but old-fashioned, Mary also lives by the same rules she applies to her business mentality. She doesn’t need modern trappings to have something good. No matter what her brother might try and convince her of.

Enter Adam Clayborn (Niall Matter), a hockey star who’s got something of a reputation. Suspended from his Denver team yet again in the matter of so many months, Adam is instructed to work on his public image during suspension. He needs to win back the public… or else there may not be a place for him on the team. Through a series of events, Adam is teamed up with Mary for some good PR with the book store. The only trouble is, Mary and Adam are polar opposites who seem to constantly “push” each other the wrong way…

Adopting the classic Bennet/Darcy, love-hate relationship, this TV romcom is yet again another charming from the network that promises it’s the “Heart of TV.” A tagline that encompasses so many of this network’s many stories and the scenes that truly “live” this moniker.

Like so many of their previous (and I’ve not a doubt, those to still come) productions, Frozen in Love puts an important emphasis on family. Despite their limited role, this includes Mary’s parent’s who leave an impression, but it’s really Mary’s relationship with her brother that I liked. Their relationship is typical sibling-cute and makes us smile more than once. Of course, we also cannot let a chance pass to discuss the rest of the characters, namely Adam. Mary and Adam, as each leading couple do, easily endear themselves to the viewer. Theirs is the kind of relationship that keeps the viewers on their toes as they volley back and forth debates and attempt to one up each other.

Those of us who watch this channel with frequency will recognize Niall from the ‘Father Christmas’ duo (where he stars with Erin Krakow) and of course, Rachael Leigh Cook has played leading lady in earlier Hallmark’s like Summer Love (one of my recently discovered favorites).

The same I say of every movie on this network could be written here. This is (yet again) a sweet romance that anyone can enjoy – especially those who respect and appreciate wholesome romances. Frozen in Love has some old-fashioned feels with the book store and its bookish heroine, plus as a bonus that I know several of us will appreciate, many of the scenes take place in a book shop. That's enough said.

Photos: Hallmark Channel / Crown Media Press. 

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