Hallmark Channel Preview | #Winterfest 2018

Saturday, January 13, 2018

On the blogging agenda today is talking about new Hallmark movies. Who here loves the sound of that? *raises hand* Of course, everyone knows I don't mind in the least. Hallmark Channel is a happy place for this movie fan, but they also don't skimp on the touching and emotional scenes. (Something I was reminded of last night when I finally finished watching Three Weeks, Three Kids.)

For their Winterfest programming of 2018, Hallmark invites us to stay in with FOUR all-new original premieres. Those are:

Love on the Slopes (January 6) | Frozen in Love (January 13)
One Winter Weekend (January 20) | Winter's Dream (January 27)

All titles and story lines I've zero doubt will be charming and fun. If Love on the Slopes is any indication (a film I watched last weekend with all the "awww" reactions), this will indeed be true. The themes for all of these seem to have some sort of winter-y sports involved, which is a fun experience. It gives the stories a kind of adventurous quality and ties into the excitement for the upcoming winter Olympic games. Or that's my thinking.

Below you can see a snipped of the article I wrote for Silver Petticoat that previews all four originals and takes a quick look at a few of the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries set to premiere this month.

Tell me over there or down below which of these you are anticipating and why! I'd love to chat with you about these new premieres.  

Previewing Hallmark Channel’s Winterfest 2018 – Four All-New Premieres! 

Though it’s probably gone faster than most of us would like, Christmas 2017 is now gone. With a favorite holiday’s disappearance, Hallmark Channel’s beloved Christmas programming also disappears (at least until next Christmas). Fortunately for us, Hallmark understands our attachment to the charms of their Saturday night movies. Continue Reading on Silver Petticoat →

Photo: Hallmark Channel / Crown Media Press


  1. I wished that we here in the Netherlands had the Hallmark channel. We need those feel good movies. :)

    1. I love feel-good movies, Nina so I understand your wish. :)


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