Love on the Slopes (2018) – Extreme Fun in Winter Wonderland

Monday, January 15, 2018

Love on the Slopes (2018) – Extreme Fun in Winter Wonderland

The holiday season is come and gone. For many of us, one of the guilty pleasures we indulge in over the season is the seasonal TV premieres. Fortunately for those of us who aren’t quite ready to give us this viewing indulgence, Hallmark Channel has the solution. Love on the Slopes is the first of four waiting to invite us to stay in on those Saturday nights.

Hallmark Channel Preview | #Winterfest 2018

Working as a copy editor is not exactly where Alex (Katrina Bowden) wants to stay. But for now, it’s good experience and she has dreams of someday writing articles for the travel publication she works for. When the chance to pitch an article unexpectedly pops up, Alex finds herself saddled with an assignment that requires she walk outside her comfort zone – like, a lot outside it.

Her assignment takes her to a resort where on-hand experience means she’ll have to try a select number of extreme sports. Activities that the play-it-safe career girl isn’t happy about. When she meets reclusive photographer, Cole Taylor (Thomas Beaudoin), Alex’s priorities shift… but will her newfound freedoms lead to the story she needs?

With a New Year entering our lives, there is a new set of 365 days ahead of us. Instead of abruptly ending seasonal programming in the aftermath of their Countdown to Christmas campaign, TV network giant, Hallmark Channel introduces their Winterfest. For the month of January, they air four new romances that invite us to snuggle in with that warm cup of cocoa.

Love on the Slopes is, as one would expect, a delightful story. The acting is good, and I enjoyed the “adventure” of the film. Everything from the zip-lining to snow sports makes the story seem fun and it keeps the pace moving at a fast clip. Plus, while we adore the characters, it also lends more interest to the story because everything is always shifting – we never know for certain where the characters are heading, and this makes the journey interesting.

Of course, the characters are also endearing. Alex is the girl-next-door we can relate too, and Cole is a modern “Gothic”-esque hero we understand Alex falling for. Their love story and scenes together is again another slice of Hallmark magic that makes us smile and swoon simultaneously.

For those of you who are like me, and aren’t ready to say goodbye to the seasonal original romances, don’t miss Love on the Slopes. It’s an example of fun set in a winter wonderland that (bonus!) we can enjoy from afar, all while in the comfort of our living room.

Photos: Hallmark Channel

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