Before 2017 ended, one of the films I wanted to see was the recent re-make of Murder on the Orient Express. Something I did accomplish. The reasons for this were many, chief among them were my love of ITV's Marple and of course, my years-long affection for period drama.

Based on the novel by Agatha Christie (as Marple is), this film adaptation suffers a few flaws (pace, performances) but this doesn't mean the film isn't still immensely entertaining. Despite its confining space (a train!), the sets and "glamour" of the 30s. This also extends to the costumes, which are, of course, beautiful.

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Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't also mention and give a shout-out to the cast. From Johnny Depp (an unlikely candidate to be in this type of production) to Daisy Ridley (breakout Star Wars star), there are a number of brilliant performers in this film. Other familiar names include Judi Dench, Josh Gad, and Penelope Cruz. Pulling double duty as the lead character and behind-the-camera is Kenneth Branagh, who is no stranger to period drama.

Arriving to DVD and digital this spring, if you like Agatha Christie or intelligent mystery stories that don't rely on the next big action sequence, Murder on the Orient Express might be your next movie-going experience.

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I had the chance to review this film for Silver Petticoat, which is where you can find my official review!


I’m not a scholar of Agatha Christie. My experience with Christie stories consists of the marvelous ITV adaptations like Marple or the more recent BBC series Partners in Crime. When news broke that a big-screen adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express was in production, naturally I became interested. Review review in its entirety on Silver Petticoat →

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