List | 10 Romantic Film and TV Scenes in the Snowfall

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Today, I'm talking all about the romantic moments that have happened with the pristine backdrop of a little think known as snowfall. Though I know I missed some scenes or standout moments, those that are included on this list are pretty darn special - or I think so.

LIST | 10 Romantic (and Swoon-y!) Film and TV Scenes on the Ice

Though there's one film on this list I haven't seen (doesn't take away from the sweetness of the scene) and there's a television show I haven't kept up with, these moments and scenes are nonetheless fitting the list topic. Gorgeous snowfall sets the tone and stage, and instead of being "messy," in these instances, it only adds to the allure of the already swoony scene. didn't exactly ask me out... but you did say you loved me... so I'm thinking I've got a date. If you'll have me. - The Holiday
Whether a contemporary romantic-comedy that warms the heart or a story that invites us into eras long since past, the list is full of unforgettable moments. From reunions (that make us sigh with pleasure and perhaps shout, finally!) to long-awaited declarations, hopefully there's a little something for everyone. Read on to discover what these are!

There are key components that must work together to create the perfect “romantic moment” or scene in a story. One of them is, of course, a good speech or words from the heart. Then there has to be a couple in the said scene that the audience cares about. These two things are the only vital musts to engage an audience. But beyond this, a touch of magic never hurts! Like romantic moments in the snow.

One addition to making these romantic moments in the snow enchanting is a blanket of snowfall as their background. Perhaps our sense of wonderment doesn’t quite reach that of Lorelai Gilmore’s, still, it’s magic. It’s kind of like a moment straight from a fairy tale without the story actually having to be a fairy tale. Continue reading on Silver Petticoat Review →

Tell me, which of these are among your favorite moments? What cinematic "snowfall scenes" do you like best? Let's chat about them. The comments are now yours. 

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