My Secret Valentine (2018) – TV Romance is Given ‘You’ve Got Mail’ Treatment

Thursday, February 8, 2018

My Secret Valentine (2018) – TV Romance is Given ‘You’ve Got Mail’ Treatment

When new campaigns start on Hallmark Channel, you know I’m all about tuning in. (Or more accurately, my cloud DVR has that “record” button frequently clicked.) Such is the case with their latest season push, and the first (of three) in their new line up, My Secret Valentine.

Hallmark Channel Preview | #CountdowntoValentinesDay 2018!

Chloe Grange (Lacey Chabert) is living her dream as a GM of a prime eatery. But in the aftermath of her boss announcing she’s expanding, Chloe feels restless. Has she gone as far as she can in this career she loves? Time with an unexpected vacation arrives when her dad requests she come home to visit their family winery. Once there, Chloe learns her father too has change in mind; he’s about to sell their winery. Not to someone who cares, but to a big conglomerate, no less!

The company sends their representative, Seth Anderson (Andrew W. Walker) to the winery. Despite the testy relationship Chloe has with Seth, she finds common ground with “Handyman” in a most unusual way. Through notes left on a chalkboard, notes that eventually leads to a suggestion they meet…

In case this plot doesn’t reveal it, this one has as kind of You’ve Got Mail component to its snappy script. Of course, as each story/film does, this one certainly has its own plot and tells its story through its own romantic-comedy markers. 
“I was secretly hoping it was you all along.”
Though she may have had her “breakout” role in Mean Girls, Lacey is a popular (and favorite) actress on this network. Of the films I’ve seen with her as its leading lady, this is my favorite. She plays a likable character and one who we can see ourselves reflected in. Then there is our leading man, played by (another fan favorite) Andrew Walker. Like all of the roles I’ve seen him in, his Seth is also a likable, wonderful hero. Despite their “off on the wrong foot” introductions, Chloe and Seth’s romance is one to swoon over, and root for.

With its pretty “wine country” settings of big picture landscapes, and popular “small town” charms, My Secret Valentine is sure to win over anyone looking for something warm, entertaining and funny. Best of all, as is the signature wholesome environment in which the sweetheart of a story unfolds. Coupled with this being my favorite of Lacey’s, this is one Valentine you won’t wish to miss opening. ♥

Photos: Hallmark Channel


  1. I wish I had the hallmark channel, I love a good romantic feel good movie.

    1. Feel-good romances are my favorite, Cindy, and no one does it much better than Hallmark. :)


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