Royal Hearts (2018) – A Contemporary Fairy Tale, Western Style

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Royal Hearts (2018) – A Contemporary Fairy Tale, Western Style

Though there have been many through the years, a fan favorite TV romance seems to be the contemporary fairy tales. An idea I suspect is sparked by the real life fairy tale that is the modern British monarchy. Though I’m not a fan of the real thing, I do love a good TV romcom.

Literature is something of a passion for Kelly (Cindy Busby). Regency era novels and more specifically Jane Austen are among her favorites. It’s this passion that makes her the perfect candidate to further her studies – at Oxford! The only problem is, her father, Hank (James Brolin) doesn’t understand his daughter’s dreams. All he needs is the wide-open spaces of their Montana ranch, his dog and he as he tells her, his daughter.

Their lives both change when a stranger informs Hank he's heir to a European estate; an estate that also comes with a title. Reluctantly Hank agrees to travel to the tiny country in order to set its centuries old debate to rest, little realizing the title he’s inherited is quite royal.

Every positive adjective I’ve ever used when reviewing or fangirl-ing over a Hallmark original can be copied and pasted into this review. Royal Hearts is everything I want from a TV story and then some. The sweeping, outdoor and natural scenery is beautiful – no matter the inaccuracy or accuracy of filming locales. Naturally as each one proceeding it has, the castle too is stunning.

The first “royal romance” story I saw from this network was A Princess for Christmas, the film that also started in motion this string of contemporary romances. For those of us who adore these types of stories, it’s this movie we should be most fangirl grateful for. Produced and directed by its on-star co-star, James Brolin, this is easily one of the best from this network. Its only real flaw is the early scene direction. Some of the scenes comes off a little shaky or awkward. Fortunately, it corrects itself quickly.

With its wholesome and honest characters, this story sparkles. They’re characters viewers can relate to. Whether its Hank’s belief in simple and honest living, or Kelly’s desire to chase her dreams, they’re all memorable. Literary aficionados will also appreciate Kelly’s love of Austen and that she holds out for the beauty of times past that were about chivalry. Of course, lest you think otherwise, there is a sweet romance in this story. One thing I loved about it is that the defining moment (aka the kiss) isn’t a “center stage,” applause moment. Also, fun movie trivia, you’ll recognize Cindy Busby from Heartland and also Unleashing Mr. Darcy.

Like any of its peers, this one is endearing and lovely. From its opening moments (sweeping scenes of scenery), I was impressed – and more than a little prepared to fall head over heels for this story about to invade my TV screen. As it progresses these first impresses don’t disappoint. From its bookish heroine holding out for the right-for-her Mr. Darcy, to the elegant (but still relatable) fairy tale story, Royal Hearts is sure to become a 2018 favorite.

(This post does contain affiliate links, which means – at no extra cost to you, I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase through a link. Read the disclosure page for details.) You can buy Royal Hearts on Amazon Video or add it to your DVD collection with the DVD. Or you can preorder Royal Hearts as part of a triple feature DVD with Dater's Handbook and When Sparks Fly both of which star Meghan Markle (and both of which are equally as adorable as Royal Hearts).

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  1. I loved the scenery and settings of this one. But I thought the ending was a bit lacking. I also really loved the male lead in this one, but thought the romance felt a bit abrupt. But still it is a beautiful movie from Hallmark.

    1. The ending was a little abrupt, I wish it'd been a bit more of an epilogue (visual) rather than Kelly's hasty version of "they all lived happily ever after." That said, I thought it was too cute not to gush over. :D

      Same! I thought the leading man fit well, especially in this role, and hope to see him again in future productions.

  2. this sounds interesting

  3. I haven't heard of Unleashing Mr. Darcy! That sounds like a movie I need to see.

    1. 'Mr. Darcy' is absolutely the cutest, Dianna! (It is on DVD now too.) Hope you enjoy if you ever see it. :)

  4. Sounds so cute- I really want to see it now!


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