Fangirl Confessions | Blog Award, Hollywood Glamour Style!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Fangirl Confessions | Blog Award, Hollywood Glamour Style!

Hello, happy readers and friends! Welcome to (almost) the weekend. I hope you’ve had a great week full of happy smiles and simple joys. Today we’re celebrating the almost weekend with a little “fangirl confessions,” that’s really inspired by an award given to Finding Wonderland by the lovely, Hamlette from Hamlette’s Soliloquy. Many thanks to Hamlette (Rachel) for kindly bestowing a Liebster award on Finding Wonderland.

Instead of simply asking her nominees eleven new questions (as the award typically calls for), she spun hers to fit a Hollywood theme. All of which she planned to coordinate with (and in anticipation of) the 2018 Oscars which do air this Sunday March 4th. Or that’s my assumption!

The first part of the award is to thank whomever nominated you (done, but thanks again, Rachel), and secondly to share 11 facts about yourself. Seriously, I am sitting here, trying to come up with one fact, and cannot. I’m so boring. I live my simple life. I like my simple life. But this simple life doesn’t rack up all the “random facts.” With that said, we’ll jump right into the prompts that come with this tag.

Here’s what Rachel says as a preference to her prompts:

If you got to choose the Oscar winners this year, who would you select as winners for the follow categories, only using movies released in 2017?  (PLEASE NOTE:  You can use the same [movie] for more than one category.  The Academy does that all the time.)(ALSO, you don't have to stick to the official nominations.  Ignore them.  Do this your way.)

So much YES to her saying we don’t have to stick with the official Academy nominations. Most of the time, those should be 100% ignored. (Also, I don’t think I’ve seen a single 2017 Oscar nomination. #Proud) So, here we go with my picks. (Please note: my picks aren’t likely to be the “best of” 2017 in terms of those staunch critics. As I’ve said in my “Best of Movies” post late last year, if a film entertains me – whether that be through giggles, swoons or tears, to me, it’s the best kind of entertainment. That’s all I ask. Circling back to that earlier statement: told ya’, I’m a simple girl. *smile*)

(This post does contain affiliate links, which means – at no extra cost to you, I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase through a link. Read the disclosure page for details.) 

PS: I'd also go so far as to say, any of these films are a better Sunday night option than the Oscar show.

1.  Best Picture | Hmm… I don’t know that I’ve seen anything from 2017 that I felt was the “best ever.” That said, I did adore Gifted, and The Zookeeper’s Wife. Both of which are appropriately emotional and even if they take a lot out of a moviegoer, they give a lot back too.

2.  Lead Actor | Chris Evans (Gifted) …or Dan Stevens (Beauty and the Beast). Is either one of these performances THE most demanding (emotionally) I’ve ever seen? No. But Chris is phenomenal in Gifted, and appropriately emotional for the character/role, and story tone. Dan Stevens earns a mention because despite the paraphernalia (behind the scenes footage, everyone…!) he had to wear to become the Beast, the layers he gives this character are the best I’ve yet seen of the iconic hero.

3.  Lead Actress | Jessica Chastain for The Zookeeper’s Wife. Jessica is phenomenal in this film. Though I know nothing about the actual true events inspired by this story, the film is heartbreakingly beautiful.

4.  Supporting Actress | McKenna Grace for Gifted (Amazon Video). This girl is going places – and she’s so darn good in her role as Mary from this quiet drama.

5.  Supporting Actor | Johnny Depp for Murder on the Orient Express (you can rent or own digitally on Amazon Video or on DVD). I feel like there is someone else I liked just as well or better in a “supporting” role, but none are coming to mind. Plus Depp is good in this role. His screen time may be short, but he makes the most of it. Also, I’m realizing that there are lots of 2017 films I’ve yet to see because I wait for the DVD.

6.  Director | Kenneth Branagh for Murder on the Orient Express. Dude had to play multiple roles for this one since he also played the lead role.

7.  Costume Design | Beauty and the Beast. No explanation needed. (You can rent or own Beauty and the Beast digitally on Amazon Video or purchase on DVD.)

8.  Screenplay | This Beautiful Fantastic. This Indie drama is SO DARN SWEET! Or there's also indie dramas like Carrie Pilby (own or rent via Amazon Video or on DVD) or The Outcasts

9.  Original Song | Despite the fact that I am someone who loves music – it’s among some of the most powerful  storytelling mediums bar none – I must confess, I don’t give much attention to songs in films. Is that weird? Yes? I think so too.

That said, I do really like the song ‘To Be Human’ from the Wonder Woman soundtrack. (Keep in mind I’ve yet to see The Greatest Showman.)

10.  Original Score | Ditto from above! ⇈ Tell me about your favorite original scores.

11.  Visual Effects | Wonder Woman. There was a bit of a ruckus made about this one being snubbed over zero Oscar nominations. While I didn’t find it as amazing as the masses, I did enjoy it, and thought it deserved nominations in categories like costume design, effects, or film editing.

(You can own Wonder Woman digitally through Amazon Video or on DVD.)

What Oscar nominated films are you rooting for? Which ones have you seen, or which 2017 films do you wish earned nominations? Comment down below with all of the Oscar or film fangirl-y talk.

Thank you for visiting Finding Wonderland


  1. I think I'd only seen 4 of the movies nominated by the Academy this year, and none of them were for the "big" awards. (The Greatest Showman, Logan, Beauty and the Beast, and Star Wars: the Last Jedi, if you're curious.) But I've only seen two on yours! (BATB and Wonder Woman). I really want to see several others, though, especially Gifted and Murder on the Orient Express.

    Glad you had fun with this :-)

    1. (Apologies for the delay in replying to your comment, Rachel - I'm so sorry!)

      I *still* have to see 'Showman.' I own a copy, I just have to pop it in the player now. YAY for Beauty and the Beast. It sure is a beauty. :)

      Hope you enjoy Gifted and 'Orient.' I loved the former, and though slow, the latter is still good.

      Thank YOU for that tag. I always love tags and really enjoyed your Oscar-themed questions. :)


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