My Perfect Romance (2018) – Harlequin Romance Formulates Perfect Match

Thursday, March 1, 2018

My Perfect Romance (2018) – Harlequin Romance Formulates Perfect Match

Sometimes you run across a film in a random capacity, pick it up and hope for the best. Whether or not they’ll turn out to be winners or duds is part of the fun.

Recently handed the day-to-day operations of his family’s tech company, Wes Robinson (Christopher Russell) is scrambling to find the best new product to back. All of which he does in an effort to impress his mother (Morgan Fairchild), a shrewd businesswoman who has little faith in her son. Enter Vivian (Kimberly Sue-Murray), an intelligent employee who’s developed a dating algorithm that’s different.

Instead of basing a match on looks or attraction, Viv’s algorithm bases its matches on deeper connections. It looks past chemistry to what makes a lasting impression. Believing this could be Robinson Tech’s next big thing, Wes orders it released before all the final tweaks are ironed out. As the two fight over its launch and accuracy, a much bigger problem emerges. The mystery over who are their respective perfect matches...

Part of a new line of direct to DVD films, based on Harlequin novels, this is only the third far as I know. Of this three, this is the second I’ve seen, and is definitely the more polished of the two. In terms of production, this one falters somewhat. Mainly in the office spaces, which is where the majority of the film is set. The sets simply don’t come across as “accurate” depictions for this type of high-powered company. Some of the script relies too much on conversation to inform the audience; meaning some of the conversations Viv has with her sister (played by Jodie Sweetin) outstay their welcome.

Nonetheless, there are plenty of pros that offset this.

One of the positive elements is the leads. Their banter and succession of scenes together are sweet, which distracts from any behind-the-scenes mediocracy. It’s this that keeps the viewer invested and sets a good story pace. Though I’ve only ever seen Kimberley in bit TV guest spots, Christopher Russell is familiar from Hallmark films. It’s fun to see him in a leading man role rather than relegated to a. stuck up boyfriend or b. husband of side best friend or sister character. He does the leading man character justice, and proves he’s capable of doing so with this role.

Adjacent to that of a Hallmark original, since this doesn’t fall under the family network, this film does veer ever so slightly more into “adult” territory, but certainly not to any great extant. It’s still a nice romantic-comedy that remains unmarred by unpleasant content. That alone makes this a “perfect match” for those of us looking for a quiet night in that might also include a cute new romantic-comedy.

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