Then Came You by Becky Wade (Audio Book) – Just as Enchanting as First Read, only Sweeter

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Then Came You by Becky Wade (Audio Book) – Just as Enchanting as First Re-Through, only Sweeter

Author: Becky Wade
Publisher: Indie Published
Source: Author - thank you, Becky!
Publication Date: 2017
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Genre: Fiction; Contemporary Romance, Novella
Series: Bradford Sisters, 0.5
Rating: ★★★★★

There’s a school of thought that suggests different mediums can result in new perspectives, no matter the story. You know how editors or fellow writer’s advice authors and writers to read their work aloud? It’s the kind of advice that’s meant to help a fledgling writer see the flaws and grow. There is a ring of truth to a story sounding different in its differing mediums. This is the case with the subject of today’s review, Then Came You.

Already I read and swooned over this story in the written form, but just this month I was given the chance to enjoy and swoon over it yet again. This time in its audio book format. Let me tell you, the story does not disappoint. Following the same story line we meet Garner Bradford as he struggles with his guilt over the out-of-wedlock child he has with the alluring Sylvie. Following the birth of their daughter, Willow, Sylvie’s free-spirited nature takes flight and she disappears from Garner’s life.

NOVELLA BOOK REVIEW | Then Came You by Becky Wade – A Novella of Loss and Love

This we all learn through journal entries. As years pass, we continue to follow Garner, only this time it’s through not only journal entries, but also letters, phone conversations and notes. A unique story idea that sets into motion the full length series that is the Bradford Sisters.

If you thought you loved Garner before, wait until you hear him. He “comes alive” in this version of the tale. The vocal talent (Ryan Hudson) behind this patriarch character does a fantastic job with the role. Similarly, the female reader for Kathleen is equally as good. Their respective vocal talents lend the proper cadences to match the rise and fall of the narrative. The fact that this audio book seemed fresh and new is a testament to it as a story, and how well it’s written. I was reminded of this as the story filled my ear buds. 

I smiled, giggled and caught my breath over the beautiful moments of prose.

Whether you read or audio-book it, don’t miss the bittersweet Then Came You. It’s a gem.

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