This Beautiful Fantastic (2017) - Contemporary Fairy Tale about Independence and Imagination

Monday, March 5, 2018

In the past year, I feel as if the cinematic discoveries I've made have been those that go unnoticed. One of those films happens to be the little talked of Indie film, This Beautiful Fantastic

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If for no other reason, this film is worth a look for its clever wit and its imagination. Bursting with color and quirky ambitions, this film is unforgettable for a myriad of reasons. The story follows a sheltered woman who finds safety in strict routine and silly superstitions. She becomes involved in the life of her cranky neighbor and his hired man when both men, in unusual ways, unexpectedly become a part of her life. Suddenly, her well-ordered quiet life as a librarian and loner is upended. 

Telling this story is a brilliant and memorable cast that includes the veteran Tom Wilkinson, Jessica Brown Findlay (Downton Abbey), Andrew Scott (Sherlock), and Jeremy Irvine. Everyone adds personality to their respective roles and makes this story come alive with so much joy and color. By the time the film ends, it has become more bittersweet, but it still manages to retain its joy, which is a testament to the storytelling. 

I suspect the quiet, bookish nature of the story will appeal to many of us, but be aware, this one is slower in its pace. That said, the film's qualities far outweigh its few flaws. 

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Content: Rated PG, this drama is blissfully clean apart from one or two commonplace profanities. 

Have you seen this one? Did you like or dislike it? Comment down below - or swing by Silver Petticoat, and let me know all the thoughts.


Sometimes you discover films without any preconceived notions. Other times you discover them thanks to a familiar face in the cast list. For me, the latter is how I happened upon This Beautiful Fantastic. An underrated film that’s as charming as its title would suggest. Continue Reading on Silver Petticoat →

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