Home By Spring (2018) – From Southern Roots to LA, Hometown Sweethearts Reunite in Spring

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Home By Spring (2018) – From Southern Roots to LA, Hometown Sweethearts Reunite in Spring

The second “reunion romance” story to air in Hallmark’s Spring Fever line up, this sweet hometown story is one of my recent favorites. There is something compelling about the premise of Home By Spring, and of course, the cast and cute rom-com ploys only help endearing it.

Dreams for Loretta (Poppy Drayton) reach beyond what her small Louisiana hometown can accommodate. This is why she decides to accept a prestigious position with a LA event coordinator whose name is widely respected.

But to do this, Loretta has to leave behind not only her family, but also her longtime boyfriend, Wayne (Steven R. McQueen). Two years later, and Loretta, while working as an assistant, and covering a party, is mistaken for her boss. Before she can correct the potential client, Loretta finds herself working for this client, a client who’s looking to engage a firm for his eventual wedding. The catch for this job is the work brings her back to the small Louisiana town she left two years earlier.

As she works in her small hometown, Loretta’s perception of her dreams begins to change. Before she can determine what her changing heart means, she must first untangle these little white lies.

For some reason, this was one of the Spring Fever films I was most excited to see. The reason is one I cannot put my finger on. As it would happen, this was good intuition considering how well I enjoyed this one. Perhaps this is owing to the fact that I know the types of stories I like best, but whatever the reason, Home By Spring is a lovely little story to enjoy. Rich with genuine emotions and conflicts, the story plays well on screen not to mention, it flows really well.

There are many reasons why I so enjoyed this script. One such reason is the setting. Beautiful and wide open, I loved the majestic scenes shot in nature, and the organic backdrops this inspires. Rather than being confined to an indoor set, this film utilizes its Southern (story) settings beautifully. From the beautiful and lush trees to the small town charms, the cinematography adds much personality to this film. The sprawling bed and breakfast home is also stunning, and makes for an elegant setting that gives off old-fashioned vibes.

This leads me into the cast, all of whom are fantastic. Fun movie trivia fact, the leading lady, Poppy Drayton was in the original When Calls the Heart film where she played the part of Elizabeth Thatcher. Of course, the role is now filled by Erin Krakow in the TV show. But it’s fun to rediscover these kinds of connections. (Some of you may also recognize her from The Shannara Chronicles.) Drayton is an excellent fit for this role, and she plays well off of leading man Steven McQueen. Though I’ve never seen him in anything, some TV fans may know him from The Vampire Diaries or Chicago Fire. Together, I thought they were really cute. There isn’t a spark fueled banter, but they do share a sweet connection that makes their relationship easy to root for.

Given the network this airs on, Home By Spring is likely to enchant many a viewer. With its swoony romance and cute rom-com antics, this is another film you’ll not want to miss.  

Photos: Hallmark Channel


  1. I've found I'm really enjoying the Hallmark films with Southern settings. It's nice to see something a little different. Plus, it adds a certain charm.

    1. YES! Me too, Brittaney. I really felt like the setting gave this film THAT much more personality. :)

      (Apologies for the reply delay; I almost missed this comment.)


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