Month in Review | March 2018 + #Booktube Talk

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Month in Review | March 2018 + #Booktube Talk

Here we go again. (Feeling like a broken record here.) Another end of another month brings with it yet another Finding Wonderland Month in Review recap-y thing. Ciao, March 2018. Bonjour, April!

Here we go.

»Favorites from March 2018« 
1: Blog Newsletter | After months, I finally sent out another blog update/newsletter this past month. It's always fun to put together, but when one hasn't sent it out since January, golly, there's a lot of material to cram into one newsletter. So much so, it's a bit overwhelming. Here's hoping moving forward, I do better sending them out regularly. 

(If you'd like to receive this newsletter - it'd go out once monthly, or ideally, twice, you can sign up under the "Subscribe!" button in the sidebar. The "newsletter" option just beneath it is a daily RSS feed delivered to your inbox if you'd rather go that route.)

2: Discussion Posts | I really want to write more discussion posts, but haven't. Yet. It's been a writing sphere I've wanted to use  more of because I enjoy knowing what you think of topics, whether blog or book related, but something (likely other writing projects) always holds me back. Still, I'm going to try and set a goal to publish a one this month, because I do love chatting with you all, and I'm curious what you think on all the topics! Tell me, what kinds of discussions do you like best?  

3: Giveaway | There another GIVEAWAY running on the blog now - April 30. Plus, they'll be another one coming next week for an upcoming historical novel. Be on the lookout.

4: Movies | I've finally seen some of the films that I've been meaning to watch for an age aka the movies that were cool months ago. Some of these include superhero movies, all of which will earn reviews here. Soonish. Tell me, what recent films - new or old, have you seen and liked?

5: Warcross | Late last year (like, last-minute late), I managed to sneak in one last read with the popular YA novel, Warcross. Yesterday I finally posted the review for said novel. Who's read this one?

» Bookstagram Challenge «

There’s another #WishfulWonder Bookstagram challenge. The fun began April 1! All the details can be found in the introduction post. PS: if you’d ever like to join in as a host, let me know.

 »Favorite Blog Posts«
 (Blog posts that, while not necessarily the most popular, were fun to write)

⇉ THROWBACK FAVORITES | We're heading into spring, so I thought I'd take a peek at what I was writing about or posting this time last year.

1: Agent Carter, Season Two (2016) – 1940s Glitz, Glamour and Sunny Hollywood

2: Booktube Talk | The Disney Princess Tag

3: Sing (2016) – Sassy Pop Culture Animation With Heart

» Monthly Popular Posts | March 2018 «
(more of the same as last month - and the month before... and the month before)

»Popular Posts of the Week«
(Skipping this feature because it's essentially a "copy and paste" list of the monthly line up.
 hmm... *continues to question stats*)

» Search Terms «

»Finding Wonderland on Booktube | March 2018 «
(Click Graphics to see Videos)


»Books Read | March 2018 «

Imperfect Justice by Cara Putman 
Once Upon a Prince by Rachel Hauck (Re-read)
Then Came You by Becky Wade (Audio)
Love, Life and the List by Kasie West

(This post does contain affiliate links, which means – at no extra cost to you, I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase through a link. Read the disclosure page for details.)


What's Next? 

All the INSPYs books!!

»Around the Interwebs«
what else have I been up to?

Silver Petticoat: Most of February was a hiatus month at Silver Petticoat, but we returned in March with all new content. Here's what I contributed to the webzine. 

Articles and Lists | I previewed two upcoming period dramas this past month. The first is Mary Poppins Returns, and the second is the adaptation of Guernsey, based on the novel by Mary Ann Schaffer and Annie Barrows. Emily Blunt stars in 'Mary' and Lily James (Downton Abbey) in Guernsey. We revisit The Lizzie Bennet Diaries on its fifth year anniversary (of its finale). Also, I share a list of 12 Undiscovered and Underrated Romantic Comedies.

We preview the Spring Fever premieres in Hallmark Channel's 2018 line up.

Speaking of Hallmark, finally, we put a spotlight on Elizabeth Thatcher and Jack Thornton's romance in this recent Romantic Moment of the Week - only be ware, there are spoilers!

Film and TV Reviews | For reviews, I revisit the Disney nostalgic film, Princess of Thieves, a action-adventure film that stars a young Keira Knightley. We head to the dark brooding Crooked House in a recent adaptation of the Agatha Christie novel. 

TV Recaps | None

As always, thanks to the editors of Silver Petticoat and my fellow contributors! Working with you all is always fun. 

That’s an end to the month here at #FindingWonderlandBlog.

Happy April, friends. Tell me about the new discoveries you made in the bookish and blogging world. Comment down below with your thoughts! As always, I’d love to chat with you.

Thank you for visiting Finding Wonderland.

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