Royal Matchmaker (2018) – The Perfect Matchmaker Finds Unexpected Match

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Whether it’s every weekend or simply when the fancy strikes, a sweet romance is never out of style. One of the films that fits into this category is Hallmark Channel’s Royal Matchmaker, a cute little script that again tells a story of a prince falling captive to an ordinary girl.

Known as the “Queen of Hearts” for good reason, Kate (Joy Lenz) is a professional New York matchmaker with an impeccable record. With more happily ever after clients to her name, Kate’s definition of happy endings is about to be broadened. Her record is so impressive that it reaches the ears of a small European country. But this attention isn’t garnered by just anyone. No, Kate is hired by none other than the king of this small country.

You see, King Edward (Simon Dutton) is looking for the perfect queen for his son. Thus far, Sebastian (Will Kemp) has made no efforts to find a wife, who will also have to be the perfect future queen. But if there’s one thing Kate believes in, it’s true love. If anyone can ensure Sebastian meets his ideal match, it’s the Queen of Hearts herself...

Sometimes when there’s something to say that’s less than glowing, it’s best to just rip the Band-Aid off. This is the place I’m currently in now. Though adorable, and true to its brand, Royal Matchmaker, sadly, isn’t a favorite of mine. But I went in so wanting it to be. This said, as is the case with anything, it could very well be the plight of distraction or the more simple fact, this film just wasn’t as “magical” (for me) as some of its royalty-themed romances.

Two of the main reasons I feel a little disenchanted may be petty, but they seemed important as I reflect on the reasons why this didn’t earn favorite status. The story plays a little disjointed. By this, I don’t mean the timeline is messy or doesn’t flow consecutively, rather, it feels as if there isn’t enough to the story to make it play smoothly. (There is one minor story element that is awkward and a bit unnecessary though I understand it was meant to be cute.) Secondly, the romance. It’s another one of those bam! we’re-in-love kind of scripts that I haven’t seen lately. This as opposed to a tension-build to that longed for I-love-you declaration. Plus, the banter between the leads - you know, the sort that makes us silly grin? It's way too infrequent. 

Despite these complaints, Royal Matchmaker is still adorable. The fairy tale story, pretty settings and the costumes sooth any rough edges. It’s lovely to see Joy Lenz (as Bethany Joy Lenz in The Christmas Secret) return to the Hallmark family; she has just the right “look” for this character. Will Kemp’s Hallmark-leading-man is new, as is the actor a new-to-me performer. Perhaps who I liked most was Kate’s assistant, Britney (Brittany Bristow) whom I really wish had been the character to receive a cute little side story.

Elegant exterior castle walls and wood-paneled sitting rooms create distinctive and impressive settings. All of which culminates in a Cinderella ballroom scene that, for the romantics among us, is sure to please.

Photos: Hallmark


  1. I am completely on board with everything you've said. As the film I was most excited about from the Spring Fever offerings, being sold from my first viewing of the trailer, I REALLY wanted to love this movie, but something about it felt missing. While I loved the times when Kate and Sebastian's good banter moments were allowed to shine, the fact that Kate's dress in that last ballroom scene was GORGEOUS, and her awkward curtsy attempts adorable, the ending itself definitely lacked the emotional oomph you want from these films. The scenes where they realized/admitted their feelings also didn't feel entirely believable to me either.

    Oh well, fingers crossed Once Upon a Prince will make up for it!

    God Bless,
    Eleanor Rose

    P.S.: A fun bit of trivia I love telling people is that the actor who played Sebastian, Will Kemp, was cast as a rather important character in the last season of Reign, and the actor who is Prince Nathaniel in Once Upon a Prince, Jonathan Keltz, also played a central role in Reign, though he was featured throughout the entire series.

  2. I agree with your review. I felt like the scene with the kids was unnecessary and wasn't as cute as they intended it to be. And the chemistry wasn't as good as it could have been, either. But I do love Joy Lenz! I hope she'll be in other Hallmark productions, too.


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