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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Hello, readers, subscribers and friends. Today, I'm writing a little blog update aka we're talking about the "boring" stuff of blogging that, unfortunately, has to be mentioned.

Because of a recent law in the EU, there are privacy policy changes. This is why today I'm writing a few updates regarding GDPR.

On this blog, there are a few ways you can be updated on the new content. Here's the round up of these ways and what you have to do if you'd like to continue receiving them.

Google Friend Connect | You can hit the blue "follow" button if you'd like to receive new posts on your Blogger dashboard.

Monthly New Content List | You can also sign up for our "new content" list via a mailing list. This isn't sent out anymore than 2-3 times a month (more like once every other month or every 5-6 weeks), which means no spam! Basically, all this will be is a round up of the content that's appeared on the blog since the last update I sent out. If you'd like an idea what this is, you can view the latest one here.

If you'd like to receive this, you can sign up via the sign up form or find the link in the sidebar. Please note: if you were already signed up, you no longer are on the list. I've created a new list. Secondly, you will be asked to confirm a sign up via email (this confirmation email may also be sent to a spam or junk folder) if you choose to join the list. If you don't confirm via email, you won't be included on the update list.

If at any time you change your mind (though of course, I hope you decide to hang out with us!), you can find the "unsubscribe" button at the very bottom of the email and remove your name.

RSS Feed | Finally, you can also receive the blog's RSS feed, which is sent out once a day if and when new content is published. You can contact me at dreamer13[at]frontier[dot]com if you'd like to be removed from this feed or if you do receive the RSS feed, simply hit "unsubscribe now" at the bottom of the email.

To those of you who want to stick around, interact together on Finding Wonderland or receive updates, thank you. At any time, if you do wish to unsubscribe from any of Finding Wonderland's (hoping you'll want to continue to hang out) services, you can find the "unsubscribe" (or "unfollow") option on ANY options or of course, contact me, and all of the email content sent to you will no longer be sent to your email address.

Finally, Finding Wonderland ( DOES NOT sell or share any of your information. We do use cookies to better serve the reader experience, place ads, use third party services (like Rafflecopter) and will use some affiliate links (any post that contains affiliate links will contain a notice). (We are not responsible for nor do we control what third-party ads, links, etc. do with user information.) Finding Wonderland uses your information in one of two ways:

1: To send out email or RSS feed updates which you signed up for (thank you!), as described above.
2: To contact you via the email you provide in a Rafflecopter hosted giveaway app.

You can read more about our Privacy Policy if you'd like. I hope you stick with Finding Wonderland, and enjoy the content. Thank you so everyone who's been a reader and supported Finding Wonderland. I'm glad to have you along on this adventure!

Thank you for visiting Finding Wonderland 

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