Fangirl Confessions | Hallmark Channel’s ‘Royal’ Romantic-Comedies

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Fangirl Confessions | Hallmark Channel’s ‘Royal’ Romantic-Comedies

Despite nearly everyone on my feeds fangirling, one thing I am not is an interested party in the impending marriage. You know the one. It’s set to take place across the pond, already has event DVD preorders available on Amazon (despite it not yet taking place), and oh yeah, it covers nearly every gossip magazine at the checkout lines.

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Of course, I’m talking of the marriage of Prince Harry to American actress Meghan Markle*.

I’m so not one of those people who follows the royal family (shhh… don’t tell anyone!) though I know I’m in the minority. One thing I am a fan of, any kind of fiction (whether it be books or films) that feature a “royal” love story.

See, I told you. I’m an oddball.

One of the guilty pleasures I most enjoy indulging in, while staying in on those lazy Saturday nights are Hallmark Channel originals. Among their impressive list of original movies is a number of movies that feature a main character who turns out to be a royal – typically it’s the man who winds up being a prince.

Despite my disinterest in the #RoyalWedding, I couldn’t let the chance to discuss some royal romances I do love pass by. This is why today I thought it’d be fun to talk about some of Hallmark Channel’s films. Specifically those I love best that feature those swoon-y princes.

So, without further ado – or before I continue to ramble about cute prince characters, let’s jump into today’s list.

Hallmark Channel’s ‘Royal’ Romantic-Comedies

1: My Summer Prince | This is one I finally saw last summer, and discovered it’s adorable. I like that the female character (played by Hallmark favorite Taylor Cole) knew the identity of the prince rather than her learning who he really was after she fell in love.

2: Once Upon a Holiday | ‘Tis true this is a seasonal original (aka part of Hallmark’s “Countdown to Christmas” campaign), which means it might not be the best option during the summer, but I really liked it. Plus, it’s one of the only titles that features the female lead as the royal. This makes it more unique.

3: Once Upon a Prince | This one is based on one of my forever favorite novels by Rachel Hauck, this adaptation features one of THE best “first dance” scenes ever. This scene is... magic! 

4: A Princess for Christmas | This is another Christmas romance, but it has a special place in my heart. Why you ask? Well it’s the first of the royal romances from Hallmark Channel. Add in an adorable plot (an aunt raising her nephew and niece – both of whom have royal blood), and you have a winning romance. Oh, yeah, and did I mention Sam Heughan co-stars? You can rent or own A Princess for Christmas on Amazon Video.

5: Royal Hearts | This one is one of the most unique stories I’ve seen with the royal romance trope. It involves a woman whose rancher father learns he’s inherited property. Alone with the property is a title, and royal ancestry. I loved how “different” this one is, and that is has that simple relatable charm. Plus it stars Cindy Busby from Heartland and Hallmark’s Unleashing Mr. Darcy. You can purchase Royal Hearts on DVD or through Amazon Video.
New from Hallmark Channel, Royally Ever After – premieres May 19th | Finally, to celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan, Hallmark Channel debuts an all-new “royal romance” called Royally Ever After. In this new original, our heroine has a seemingly perfect boyfriend and relationship when all of the sudden, her world is turned upside down. ♥

Hallmark has also produced the following royal romances; Crown for Christmas, A Royal ChristmasRoyal Matchmaker, and A Royal Winter.

Drop some comments below and tell me, which of these are your favorites? I’d love to learn about your favorite royal romantic-comedies!

*PS: In case you didn’t know this, Meghan has also starred in to Hallmark Channel originals. Unfortunately neither one involves a prince, but still, they’re adorable. Those are: Dater’s Handbook and When Sparks Fly.


  1. I've really enjoyed the Christmas royal romances, but I'm getting a bit burned out with this story line. It seems like Hallmark really went overboard with the royal story lines lately.

    1. Totally understandable, Brittaney. I'm still a fan though I suspect at some point I'll be in your shoes. :)

      Glad you stopped by and shared your thoughts!!

  2. AnonymousMay 17, 2018

    I, too, am a huge lover of the royal romance trope, though I am a bit annoyed that out of all the films Hallmark has made using it, only twice have they had the female be the one with royal blood. For that reason, Royal Hearts is definitely one of my top three favourites. A Princess for Christmas, and Royal Matchmaker are also up there.

    I'm also really looking forward to seeing Royally Ever After; the dress and requisite dance at a ball scene look like they'll be absolutely gorgeous, and I'm loving the chemistry between the leads I'm picking up from the trailer; looking forward to reading your thoughts!

    God Bless,
    Eleanor Rose

    P.S.: Have you seen Royal New Year's Eve?

    1. I REALLY (really) liked, Royal Hearts, Eleanor. There's something unique and completely different about the simple plot. It just works.

      'Princess' is forever a favorite because it was really the "first" on Hallmark to be in this kind of genre.

      I haven't watched the trailer (or not seriously, I did try to grab a screenshot) for 'Royally,' but it LOOKS pretty, and I'm eager to watch it. I'll definitely write something up for it - and look forward to your thoughts, too. :)

      ...and yes, I have seen Royal New Year's Eve. It too is cute.

      As always, glad to chat with you!!

  3. I deactivated my Facebook around 5 months ago and I had no idea there was even a wedding going on that people were excited about! I was totally in the dark until I started reading blog posts about it. I'm out of the loop and people think I'm strange but I feel so much better now that I'm not keeping up with anything and just focusing on bettering myself! It makes me feel like a caveman when people are talking about things I know nothing about, though! Hahaha

    I've not watched many royal-ish movies but this one does look insanely good!

    1. Facebook and I don't get along... but I do use it for Finding Wonderland (albeit rarely!!). Nothing wrong with being out of the cultural loop. Sometimes, yes, we need to unplug and enjoy everything around us. :)

      Hope you enjoy these if/when you watch any, Sab. :)


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