Royally Ever After (2018) – A Royal Love Story from Hallmark Channel

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Royally Ever After (2018) – A Royal Love Story from Hallmark Channel

In celebration of the royal marriage that took place at Windsor, Hallmark debuted another royal love story of their own. This time, the heroine falls in love with a Prince Charming, all while unaware of who he really is!

Fangirl Confessions | Hallmark Channel’s ‘Royal’ Romantic-Comedies

Working as a teacher is a fulfilling role for the easy-going Sara (Fiona Gubelmann). Also making her happy is her charming and British boyfriend of one year, Danny (Torance Coombs). By their one-year anniversary, Danny knows Sara is the one, and so he proposes marriage to her, but before she says yes, he needs to tell her something. He’s actually Prince Daniel (plus insert a string of names) of St. Ives, a small country near England.

Sara’s whole world is turned upside down, but if there’s one thing she’s sure of, it’s her love for Danny. This is why she agrees to a last-minute trip with Danny to meet his parents. The catch is, she also has to earn their approval before a marriage can take place between the pair.

If there’s one thing production does right by this film, it’s the scenery! I’ve not a clue where it’s filmed (though the actress’ Instagram page says Ireland), but it’s absolutely gorgeous. Everything is all green rolling hills and majestic, and perfectly (and appropriately) royal. Especially pretty are the outdoor scenes, which is why I wish there were more of them. They add so much personality and styling to the film.

Despite nature’s beauty, and the fact that the story is darling, this isn’t my favorite Hallmark. Sad since I anticipated it would be. That said, as I always say, don’t let my ho-hum thoughts detract you i you're looking for a feel-good romcom. This story is still sweet. For me, it’s mostly the scripting that feels “off.” There’s just something awkward about one of two things. Either the dialogue is a little awkward (though I understand some of these scenes are meant to be awkward) or the cues and “placement” of the characters. Not quite sure what does feel a little wrong, but something does.

Nonetheless, the cuteness of the story is all about the trademarks of what makes this network so popular. If nothing else does, this alone endears this story because I’ve always respected what networks like Hallmark Channel is promoting. There are some adorable scenes that allow Sara and Danny to “sneak away” which I love. It’s in these quiet moments that the pace and plot helps us to fall in love with their love story. The scenes are staged sweetly and help give the script more of those romanticism feels.

If you’ve enjoyed Royal Matchmaker or any of Hallmark’s programs, you’ll be certain to enjoy Royally Ever After. In the tradition of The Prince and Me, this one has the usual markers any good royal romance needs, but still maintains its own personality. Plus, as any story involving royalty should, this one has a pretty as a picture ballroom scene, too!

Photos: Hallmark Channel

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