The Prince and Me (2004) – Romantic-Comedy Inspires Nostalgic Feels

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Prince and Me (2004) – Romantic-Comedy Inspires Nostalgic Feels

The era of romantic-comedies from my teen years is a thing of the past. One of the films that fell in my teen years is the royal romance, The Prince and Me. It also happens to be one of the films I still adore today.

Romantic Movie Scene Feature | Paige and Eddie from 'The Prince and Me'

This ‘once upon a time’ begins on a farm in Wisconsin where a frazzled Paige Morgan (Julia Stiles) is preparing to return to college. Studious with plans to attend medical school, Paige is laser focused on education. Her goals? Make good grades and attend Johns Hopkins. Her world shifts when she meets the infuriating Eddie (Luke Mably), a British student currently enrolled in her school.

Eddie is something of a play boy who, in Denmark is actually the royal prince. But he’s tired of the stuffy restrictions of royal life, so he enrolls in an American school, hoping to meet some American party girls. Though he takes an immediate interest in Paige, he quickly learns she’s not the kind of girl he normally hangs out with. Instead she's actually the kind of girl who could inspire change in him. Only trouble is, Eddie has this royal secret Paige is blissfully ignorant of.

Irrespective of the painfully outdated technology, this film remains one of my most favorites. There’s something about it that charms its viewer, all without even trying. As I’ve recounted before, I can still remember being at the theater and my teenage self being thoroughly enchanted with this film. That feeling is still intact.

Until recently, I hadn’t seen this film for far too long. But I had to watch it one Friday night because of an article. I walked away with a realization the fashion was painfully old, but the heart of the story is still beautiful. That’s all the matters when all I, as a viewer, wish for, is a lighthearted and entertaining piece of entertainment. This film presents this exact feeling, and of course, that’s exactly the prism through which I watch this.

Beyond my (over) gushing about the “cuteness” of the production, there is more to love about this script. Part of the good is this cast. Julia Stiles may not have achieved the same sort of star power as Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock, but she’s a darn good actress. In this role, she’s found her “perfect match.” As Paige she shines. Her looks and personality seem to fit this role so well. Then there’s Luke, a newcomer (to me) who also has the right aptitude for this role. (The unique talent to be a playboy character and a “stiff upper lip” royal and all that Plus, he and Julie have a fabulous chemistry.

The reunion scene is perhaps a little too "pomp and circumstance" or outlandish, but it's still sweet, plus the ensuing, quiet scene that follows is lovely. This means I can excuse the silliness preceding it. Additionally, there's a fun sequence in which Eddie shows Paige his world, and that too makes the silly irrelevant. In the end, The Prince and Me isn’t perfect (what is?). But the story is adorable, and is probably one of the first of its genre to have been produced (can we believe it’s 14 years old?!).

There’s adorable and quiet romantic moments, and then there’s those swoony moments. All this to say, I’m still a softie for The Prince and Me. It’s a film that shows the best and worst of a love story, while still retaining its sense of humor and of course, a journey to happily ever after.

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Content: there is some adult content in this film including some suggestive innuendo, and commonplace profanity. The film is rated PG.

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  1. I loved this movie as a teenager! Haha! I wonder what ever happened to Julia Stiles.

    1. Same! It was one of my "happy place" films, and today, I still adore it - outdated tech and all. ;)

      I wonder the same thing... she was in a more recent romcom called The Makeover (super cute!), and she's in the Bourne series, too. But she certainly hasn't been in a whole lot. :)


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