Date with Love – 'Never Been Kissed' Sweet Romance

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Date with Love (2016) Hallmark Review

Though this film is only a couple of years old, it’s one I didn’t watch immediately following its debut. Instead I knew it was one I really wanted to watch (because of its leading man), but was never one I had opportunity to see. When I finally did see the Hallmark original Date With Love, of course, I discovered it was as charming as ever!

Life has been something of a wrecking ball for Hollywood starlet Alex (Shenae Grimes-Beech). You see, she’s just come off a very public and messy breakup and now she needs some positive PR. Her publicist believes this help arrives in the form of a prom invitation from a high schooler with a crush on the beautiful actress.

Reluctantly, Alex follows through with the invitation. Only once she arrives in the small town, she realizes David’s classmate (Bailee Madison) has a serious crush of her own. Plus, Alex herself finds a potential romance in front of her as she sits in David's class... and gets to know David’s teacher, Mr. Walsh (Andrew Walker).

As with any Hallmark film, this one is darn cute. The cast is fantastic as is the story. I love how easy everything flows and the fact that the cast helps to invest (or invite in) the audience in the story. This is one of this network’s greatest achievements in my book. It's got that Never Been Kissed vibe, which is one of my nostalgic favorites, so of course, this one wins. 

Something these productions have a knack for, is casting actors who are girl-next-door personality. What this does is make the characters (whether it’s the leading man, lady or the supporting characters) feel like a best friend. This isn’t a quality all films or stories possess, so when you run across those that do, it makes them all the more special.

Date With Love has a really nice friendship aspect with old-fashioned romance that’s not to be missed. Quite the contrary. In fact, it’s the sort that of stuff makes the chemistry all the more alluring. Walker and Shenae are fantastic together, and it’s always fun to see Bailee Madison (who many Hallmark fans have seen grow up on screen) co-star in another of Hallmark’s films. Her character is a breath of fresh air, and ensures that the other characters cynicism or misplaced devotion doesn’t rule the story. 

For anyone who wants a kind of “teen” romance alternative to the secular romantic-comedy films, Date With Love is a perfect movie. There’s that charming quality to it that has become a signature of this network. As a story, I adore this and as a fan of Hallmark Channel, I continue to be impressed with the quality and type of productions they put out.

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Photos: Hallmark Channel


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