Mulan – 20 Years Later We Still Love Disney’s Fierce Heroine

Monday, June 11, 2018

Mulan – 20 Years Later We Still Love Disney’s Fierce Heroine 

Attaching specific memories to Disney films isn’t something I have in my memory bank. Growing up, we had one day designated to movies. A day in which we could pick one of our VHS tapes and stay in to watch movies. Otherwise, our days were about school work and we were encouraged to play outside – most of the time, it was a schedule we loved.

Aside from knowing I did see Mulan as a kid, I don’t remember when for the first time I saw this one. What I do know is that this has always been one of Disney’s “newer” films in my mind. Imagine then my surprise when I realized this film turned twenty years old this year. It’s these little realizations that make me feel old.

In celebration of this milestone, I sat down to re-watch this film, and discovered despite its many differences in comparison to other films from this studio, Mulan still charms. Sure, it’s darker and isn’t the happy go lucky story most of Disney’s are. Nevertheless, even at this, Disney cannot hide the charms it’s known for.

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In short, as I discovered this story again, it reminded me how very much I adore this story – and how excited I am about the upcoming live-action adaptation of this story. The story sounds different, but still intriguing.

If you’d like to see my review in full, you can visit Silver Petticoat at the links below. Tell me, either down below or on Silver Petticoat, is this one of your favorite Disney films? What memories do you have of seeing this one? Drop a comment below with all of your thoughts. 


 It’s in the little realizations that make me feel old. One such fact is that Mulan is turning 20 years old today. Most days I don’t consider myself so, but when you realize that one of the animated films from your childhood is 20 years old, this feeling invades. Seeing 1998 as the film’s release seems strange, too because it’s always been one of Disney’s “newer” films in my mind. But here we are in 2018, and with this milestone, I take a trip down Disney memory lane. Continue reading on Silver Petticoat Review → 
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  1. Mulan is one of my favourite Disney movies. I loved all the action, comedy and songs in the film.

    1. Same! As I re-watched it, I was reminded how much I adore this one. It's such a fun Disney film. :)

  2. Mulan is definitely one of my favorite Disney films! Particularly Mushu... I'm not sure how I feel about the live-action coming out in the future though, but it will be different from the animation for sure.

    The Chinese version is VERY different though... 😅

    1. I've heard that the original tale differs greatly, Sophia AND that the live-action will differ from this animated film. That said, given how much I adore Disney's previous live-action efforts (Cinderella, B&TB), I'm hopeful Mulan will also be memorable.

      Hope you enjoy it - and I'm so glad to meet anther fan of this one!! :)

  3. I absolutely adore Mulan as well, it was my favorite Disney movie growing up & I love how it's so empowering, and inspiring.

    Great review! :)

    1. It's definitely a wonderful film, Lily! I love so much about it, and felt all nostalgic as I re-watched it for the first time in what felt like a looong time. :)

      Thanks so much for reading.


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